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Me, Myself and I: Formerly Known as Tagged Part ___

I had rheumatic fever as a child which according to my new doctor is a bigger deal than any doctor has ever made it before. She was absolutely shocked that I'd never had an echo cardiogram. Furthermore she informs me that it's probably one of the reasons that I have a hard time carrying babies (this was after I informed her that I could just feel the toll being pregnant had on my body) she says that pregnancy is hard on the heart in general and that for people who have had rheumatic fever it is even worse.

I was also told that this was something I needed to take into consideration when planning on having further kids (if I did) because the more stress I put on my heart the higher the risk I run of seriously damaging an already weakened organ.

Hmm, glad someone told me that in the last 20 years.

So there you go, when I was in elementary school I had strep throat ALOT (2-3 times a year) one time it got bad fast and I ended up with Rheumatic Fever... if you don't know what that is I will just tell you that Beth in Little Women, it's what she had, it's what weakened her heart. The Scarlet Fever (which really is just strep throat) got into her heart and caused R.F. which eventually killed her.

Also.... my washing machine died this weekend and that just sucks.

I have a poem about it that I will share tomorrow. Well it's really a non-poem poem as there is very little in the way of rythm involved.

Have a spectacular non-heart trying day.


Dan and Kaz said…
Isn't it great that doctors make thing that a major seem so minor, like its no big deal because they deal with it always. Well I am glad that you are ok and I guess its better to find something out then to never know. I hope you are finlly feeling better.
Claire Wessel said…
ok, what is the deal with the name Eowyn??? One of the sisters who moved away this summer named her new baby Ginger Eowyn and I'd never heard the name before. I thought she made it up, but lightening doesn't strike twice so I'm just out of the loop! Enlighten me??
cannwin said…
oh dear... claire darling you have opened a can of worms. I take it you've never read (or watched) Lord of the Rings? Eowyn is a character from that book, in fact Eowyn is without a doubt the toughest chick ever to be written into a book. She is so freakin' cool. She disguises herself as a man to join her uncles army and when things get pretty hairy she is THE person who saves them... why does she save them? Because she rocks. There's the evil bad guy and he's standing over her crumpled uncle's failing body and Eowyn walks up and demands a fight. The Witch King (as he is called) says "Fool, don't you know no man can kill me." and Eowyn pulls off her helmet and says (in the most glorious line ever written) "I am no man!" and then she destroys him.

Eowyn is awesome!

I could do an entire blog about her alone... look up under my title (The great and random...) I've got another great quote by her.
Claire Wessel said…
yeah, I live under a rock and I have never seen, read or engaged in conversation about Lord of the Rings beyond the trivial fact that the movie was filmed in New Zealand. -10 geek points for me!

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