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It's been about 6 months since I had a good shopping excursion. These things, of course, happen to the best of us at times but I've decided I might have a problem.

I like to shop. I'm not the sort of person that throws money away on pricey jeans or frivolous purses but I love finding a good deal.

Way back when, when Ralexwin was in Iraq and we were making upwards of $70k a year (one of the perks of him being in a war zone you get things like combat pay and hardship duty pay and hazard pay and it's all tax free)... anyway, way back when my friend Sarah and I used to exercise by walking the mall. It was a very large mall (Arizona Mills) in a ring shape so that if you walked it like a track (I believe about 4 times) you had gone a mile. We quite enjoyed this form of exercise as we could strap the kids in the strollers and chat our heads off. There was of course one glaring flaw to our plan it was quite an expensive form of exercise. So much so that when Ralexwin got home we were forced to give it up.

Fast forward a few years and you would have found me in Montana in a small little town with the nearest thing resembling a mall 23 miles away. I discovered online shopping there and the joy of using the points from my Old Navy Visa card.

But that was then and this is now and we don't have the money to do things like buy pants at a second hand store.

So what have I started doing? Dreaming about it.

And let me tell you I had the best dream about shopping last night. It was like the Old Navy of the gods, stocked full of anything I could possibly want or remotely need in clothing and accessories and it was all on sale.

It was a great dream and I had only the slightest pangs of guilt at being so frivolous.

I do have to admit that it was by far the least expensive shopping excursion I've ever been on. To bad it couldn't have been real.

Because when I wake up I have to be the responsible adult again, the one who calmly deals with the heater that stopped working sometime during the night and now has to pull money from that coveted student loan check for something else.

Someday soon, well in 3 years or so, I'll be able to do some real shopping again and by then I'll probably need it. But until then I guess it's all going to have to stay in that wonderful place in my mind.

That wonderful spot where I could find ballet outfits for my daughter, or the most gorgeous pajamas for myself or maybe those beautiful sheets that felt like silk in my hands. *sigh*

I'm learning so much from being poor that I don't think I'll begrudge another penny to another red Salvation Army can again in my life.


Lisa said…
We are in the same boat. I get to go shopping in 3 years as well.

I once had an awesome paying job while single, no bills, and living at home. Me and a friend went shopping at least once a week.

It was a magical time. Sigh.

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