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All About Kisses

Before I had children I was told that the best love you could give a child was 100 kisses a day.

That advice has stuck with me and although I frequently fail at this kisses have become a common and wonderful aspect of my life.

I love kisses!

Smoochy kisses, and slobbery kisses (only from babies), and crazy throw themselves on mommy kisses. I love the cuddly kisses, the singing my kids to sleep kisses and the middle of the night drowsy kisses.

I also have my favorite places on my babies to kiss. Their chubby little necks or puffy, fat cheeks.

But my absolute favorite place to kiss is the bridge of their noses. My lips fit oh so perfectly into that sweet tiny space between their eyes. I have to get real close and cuddle up. Sometimes I even have to wrestle them to the ground, but it's worth it.

It's the softest, sweetest spot. Worth every single gentle kiss my kids can stand (and then a few more).

You should try it sometime.

Now, I'm off to go kiss my kids!

PS I'm compiling a list of things the kids say... sorry to keep you waiting so long this time.


Chelsea said…
I love kisses too even if I have to wrestle my kids or husband to get them!

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