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Keep Bleeding, Keep, Keep Bleeding.

This is what my baby girl looked like after her one year doctors appointment.

She looks pretty beat up, huh?

She's not.

Well, okay... she did have four shots, one of which was the dreaded--and painful--MMR (have you had one recently? They HURT!) But that's not the point!

The point of this post is her hand.

You'd think my girl had lost a finger or something?

Nope. It's actually the result of a very dramatic blood sample.

The result of one tiny pinprick and one very mad little girl.

This is what happened after she tried to to eat four band-aids in ten minutes.

This is the consequence for Remewin getting blood all over me and the nurse and herself... and the chairs and the tables.

It was the craziest, bloodiest ten minutes since her birth! Every single band-aid that the nurse put on Remewin pulled off as soon as her back was turned.

Then when we'd try to wrangle her hand out of her mouth she'd scream and grab at me, thereby sharing her trauma with my neck and my face and my hair and my white skirt.

Finally, we grabbed her hand, some tape, and some gauze and just wrapped it all around her three middle fingers.... and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped.

Once we were confident she wasn't going to get the thing off we set about cleaning up the blood. Who knew a little prick could bleed so much!

The worst part of it was, that was all BEFORE she'd gotten her shots. I have some pretty insane stories pertaining to my kids and needles (like this one), but no one has ever started fighting me this early.

If only I could get my husband do take her in...

if only.

Jenny Matlock


Myya said…
Poor little punkin! It is so hard getting them to cooperate, but absolutely necissary! Did your white skirt survive?
Ooh...ouch! One kind of RED one doesn't need too often! Happy RED day!
Cannwin said…
The white skirt is older so I wasn't to put out by blood on it. It did make it out looking usable too. :)
Nora Johnson said…
Ouch - definitely a red we can all do without (though I've got a plaster on a bleeding finger as I write!)

Happy Red day,


PS Mine this time is HERE. Hope you can stop by!
Dawn said…
Poor thing!(Well, both of you really.) I bet there were a lot of big eyes watching you leave the office covered in blood stains!
Jackie said…
I hate this. Poor girl!
Sue said…
Oh, wow.This does NOT sound fun.

JDaniel4's Mom said…
JDaniel would have gone through the roof.
Poor baby! Shots are the hardest thing, I always hated listening to my kids cry....
Teresa said…
Poor baby. I do have to ask.. A white skirt???? with a one-year-old????
signed...bkm said…
It is always scary seeing your children bleeding...poor baby, poor mommy....bkm
Cannwin said…
Yes... I know, what was I thinking? But in reality my wardrobe is crazy limited right now so I wear what I can. Also, the skirt was from Wal-Mart so it wasn't THAT important to me. ;)
Viki said…
Aww, poor thing. my son's 28 and he still won't have a blood test because he's afraid of needles and thinks he's going to pass out. Hopefully, your kids will grow out of it. good red post.
Jenny said…
Oh, I'm so glad to see you linked here.

What a determined little girl you have! I had one of those and, wow, it did make Doctors appointments incredibly exhausting.

I hope you can get some help next time. If we were closer I'd totally go with you! I'm a good baby calmer downer!

Thanks for linking this to Alphabe-Thursdays summer school!

I really enjoyed this different stop!

Oh goodnes! I am sure that during the was not fun...but what a memory to talk about when she is older... :o) Aw! I love her cute chubby fingers, arms, legs...

Blessings & aloha!
still making my way through Alphabe-Thursday RED posts :o)
Just stopping by from Jenny's Party!! I am late getting around to everyone! Oh how sweet! I just hated when they had to get their shots!
Well, that was funny. I am sure not at the time but surely a story to tell her later. Good Red Post!
Susan said…
My 2 youngest were on ritalin for a while ( and then the son, who was SEVERE ADHD and ODD) was taken off ritalin and put on other meds) anyway, they had to have blood drawn every 6months to check levels etc. (Tom started on meds at 3, Amanda at 4) Tom freaked the first time, but after that was only a little upset. Amanda was a HUGE NEEDLE FREAK-ER-OUT-ER!! (technically today at the age of 23, she isn't a whole lot better, LOL) anyway, hubby had NO CHOICE but to go with us, as he had to old Amand on his lap, and keep her as still as possible, while I held her legs from kicking the Phlebotomist. Anyone sitting in the waiting room would think someone was being murdered the way she would carry on...jeez.

That is also the reason why her mouth at the age of 15 had 13 cavities and finally the dentist told her, "Look this game you've been playing over the years is just not cutting it, you are growing up into a beautiful young woman, you are heading for dentures, do you realize that?" "You simply MUST put on your big girl panties, and suck it up, and let me work on your teeth." She did, but still cried like a baby. and several months later, banged and cut her head, and needed stitches and a tetnus shot, the way she carried on, was truly embarrassing.

If your daughter doesn't improve, you may have to make hubby some with you.

best of luck.
Cannwin said…
Oh, Susan... Your stories remind me of an incident I wrote about a few months back. Flu shots! It was absolutely the most ridiculously dramatic thing I have ever been through... here let me find the link

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