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Checking In

I'm still alive and very much missing you all. A friend of mine told me I needed to start blogging again because she knew it would help me to cope with everything that has been going on. Problem is I still have to be careful what I say.

So, here's the thing. The big bombshell. The 'family issue'.

Ralexwin and I are getting a divorce.

It's been rough. It's been horrible. We are both in a lot of pain.
My grades at school are as bad off as my finances. The amount of friendships I've retained is down to a dismal 8 ish. I have very few who will talk to me from 2 months ago and all my nearby friends are freshly made.

I am alone in a vast sea of humanity, but I am so much better than last month. I am learning to embrace this and not run from it.

So that's the basics. Take it as you will. If you've known about it and not contacted me in the last month, don't bother. That's my only bitter request.

Love you all



Mary said…
When something happens in your life good or stressful friends is who you need the most. I am truly sorry you are going through this and pray you will find comfort in the end.
Kaz said…
I am sorry! I am here if you need me -I don't have a phone number to call you but send it to me or you call me sometime! -- hugs --
Meaghan said…
Love you always Charity. Forever and ever! <3
Melissa said…
Do you feel a little better now that you've posted? Be strong and know that we love you...
Claire Wessel said…
Fairweather friends suck! Just think of all the energy you can save not having to maintain friendships that were apparently not worth it in the first place :) I think some people forget that it's possible to still love people and support people through hard times, even if they might not have made the same choice if in the other person's shoes, so they just bail out because of their own discomfort or judgments. Love you lots, miss!
heather said…
Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. Whatever the details may be, I am so sorry that you are having to face this. My best to you. And my prayers.

I think your friend is right. Writing is good for coping. And you could always go private, and then not have to worry about being so careful...
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry to hear that! Hugs to you!
Amy said…
I'm so sorry for what you're going through. I'm terrible at making friends, plus having just moved (something I know you understand) my headcount is crazy low right now. You guys will be in my prayers. If you ever want to vent to a semi-complete stranger let me know.
sarah said…
Thinking of you and praying for you and your family, Charity. I'm so sorry to hear things are very difficult right now.

- Sarah
Rob-bear said…
OOPS! I somehow missed this, until now. I got in on the court case, but obviously missed a key story.

I am so sorry this is happened to you — to the two of you. It kinda came out of nowhere, which is maybe how it felt for you, too. I can imagine the grades falling apart, and other things, too.

On about that "I am alone in a vast sea of humanity." At least you can could one Bear as a friend (although a Bear who loves a long way away).

All I an offer are blessings and Bear hugs. So that's what I'll do.
Alissa said…
I just stumbled upon your blog. I'm going through a divorce too. Our divorce process has been taking about a year so far, Awesome.

I just thought I'd drop by and say I feel for you.

PS, I'm Mormon too!
I have NOT known about it, but I've been missing you from the FB world. I'm pretty terrible about checking anyone's blog these days. I've been wondering about you though and now I can understand why you shut down everything back in February. Do I say "I'm sorry"? I don't know... Just I've been thinking about you. I'm glad you're back even if it is a painful "back". :(
Rich said…
Girlfriend, I chose a bad time to take a break from blog-reading (my baby has been a handful since last fall, last time I checked in Ralexwin had just left and the kids started school). I missed 2 bombshells, I guess! I noticed you left fb, then I came to find your email address for Addie, and BAM! I know we haven't been super tight friends, but I love you and your kids and I am so sorry for all that you're going through. I feel especially sad after reading how excited you were to go back to school...and then to have the earth pulled from beneath your feet mid-semester...of course your grades (and your finances and your mind and soul and ability to breathe) are suffering. I haven't been thru it from the wife -end, but I know it's excruciating and I am sorry for all 6 of you beautiful people. If you need a soul sister to vent to, I'm here. You'll be in our are still very special friends and I am sad for all you're going through.

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