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Springtime in the Rockies.

The weather here is beginning to soften up and the first whisps of spring can be felt stirring for a few moments every day. We are soooo excited! The summer's here are, in no other word, intoxicating. We can't wait to spend our days at the park or in the mountains. We can't wait to throw open the windows, put the fans in and live with the warm summer air wafting through our house, cleaning out that stale smell of heating and bodies that seems to clog the winter air. It's about time we pulled off the thick blankets, and slept with only sheets to cover us.

I can't wait to scoot the kids out the door, or hear the sounds of their laughter as they run with wild abandon, savoring their freedom. I'm looking forward to that big shade tree down at the park, the one so perfectly positioned to read under. Or for my summer skirts and flip flops (those ones I had to put away when we left Arizona).

The Fourth of July Parade (the only parade we have in this town) that everyone shows up to, doctor's, lawyer's, grocer's, parent's and children all coming out to watch the procession of bagpiper's, clown's and high school bands.

I can't wait for Pine Creek to thaw out, so we can escape to the shady evergreen's and the rippling creek. Where the wind blows peacefully through branches and the air is heavy with the pollen and pine.

And most importantly, I can't wait for the fruit stands! There's that guy down by the insurance agency that sell's lucious, dripping peaches, tart raspberries and plump nectarines. The farmer's market will open back up and I'll be able to overload my family with vegetables at every meal, lemonade with fresh strawberries sliced into it, otter-pop's and home-made ice cream.

I just can't wait for summer!


McCaskell said…
This is great I love Montana summers and this expresses the feelings exactly

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