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So the story goes like this: When I had just barely found out that I was pregnant with my now 16 month old I had a little accident. I fell down the stairs. It was very dramatic, as these things go, and I was in a lot of pain when I hit the bottom. You see, as my right foot slipped on the step I threw myself backwards in an attempt to catch my fall. This, in some grand mathematical equation, caused my left foot to stay on the step I'd been on while the rest of me tumbled downwards.

My knee folded out, away (and behind, and up) from my body like a piece of cardboard and when I hit the ground I was in pure agony. I couldn't move it at all the pain was so strong. I struggled desperately to control my language in front of my in-laws, and the pervading thought I had was, 'Crap, Marc is gonna walk in and see me like this and make some comment about his brother's wimpy wife.' Well, it wasn't so much a wimpy comment as a clumsy comment, but nevertheless years of his families indoctrination prevented me from insisting upon seeing a doctor.

At first the knee bothered me daily, throughout my pregnancy I couldn't kneel without feeling pain in it. The feelings finally subsided into a dull awareness that something was not right, but by that point (a year later) I was of the mind that going to a doctor would only lead to one thing.... surgery. So again, I stayed away.

This weekend, nearly two years after the fall, I ran into an Orthopedic Physician's Assistant (if that's the proper title). I probably wouldn't have asked, but my husband, being aware of my constantly agitated knee, brought it up on my behalf. The kind man checked it out, moving both my knee's in odd directions and asking some simple questions. He diagnosed me in about five minutes.

"Yep, you tore your ACL."

Ouch. That's not exactly what I was expecting, but, evidently, if I continue on my path of non-exertion my knee should be fine. If I decide to get back into say rock climbing, or running then I'm going to have to at least get a knee brace.

I can't believe it! All along those 10 boys have been giving me gripe about 'toughness' and I'm the one whose torn my ACL and not shed a tear. In fact if you really get down to it guys, what have you done to demonstrate some of that all important male trait?

I've pushed an 8 lb object through a 10cm hole with nothing but cuss words for the pain. I've fallen down a flight of stairs, pregnant, and done something to my knee that ends professional athlete's careers. Hmm, I'm wondering what you have to brag about. So, please... do tell.


Terésa said…
Yea! You found out! And you don't even have to have your leg taken off?! ;) Us girly's that tear their ACL, and MCL's are pretty tough!
cannwin said…
I know! I'm so happy to not have to worry about whether or not my knee is going to collapse under my weight. Now I just have to endure it for the rest of my life! How did you tear yours?
Terésa said…
Lol well, it’s a funny story... but I was volunteering at the D.I. Pretty much if there is something to trip on or fall off of, my feet will find it. I am clumsy. I broke my foot falling down the stairs, almost like you described, and then about a year later I fell down those same stairs with Belle in my arms. (she was fine just a little scared) So stares and I don’t mix too well. I didn’t go to the doctor for about 6 months about my knee because I was worried about surgery, but it’s doing a lot better now... he said the same stuff as yours.
The Paynes said…
Ooh, I pushed TWO babies out of me without any pain medication, and I couldn't cuss cause my MIL was in the room! Go us tough girls!
cannwin said…
Yes, you get to be on the list of extra tough people. I'll put you right next to Robert's brother, the Green Beret, who jumped out of an airplane, snapped his thigh bone and THEN hand to land.

Anyone who has had twins without medication deserves to be on that list.
cannwin said…
bleh, I meant HAD to land.

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