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Finally Some Sun!

The sun finally got strong enough to burn away those ever present clouds. The ones that kept dropping snow on us even though it's June. The state of Montana rejoiced, I'm pretty sure any one with half a sense and a mind to steal could have made a fortune today in all these empty houses. No one was inside!

We spent the day packing the truck and heading up into the mountains to picnic and hike. There's this spot we love, Pine Creek, and we always go up.

<-- It's very nice and very pretty and still leaves me in awe when ever we drive up there. Today we saw a doe on the side of the road watching us like we were unusual and it wasn't.
Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I took a bunch of pictures to show you all. The reasons behind these pictures vary, some (like the one to the left) are to brag about the beauty of where I live, other's just cause I wanted to show you all parts of my life. So let's take a tour, shall we.

Welcome to Paradise Valley, Montana.
Appropriately named. It's a spectacular place that I like to tell people all about. My pictures don't really do it justice.

We'll be moving soon, which makes me sad. But the winter's here are... well, they're cold, okay. Very cold. When we moved here, we were coming from Phoenix, Arizona; the Valley of the Sun, where it hits 120*F (that's roughly 49*C, people) in the summer's. Home of tank-tops, shorts, and flip flops. I had to call in a couple of favors to find warm clothes for our December move. So, when we moved it was in the 80's (upper 20's for you celsius folk) in Arizona and 19*F (-7*C) in Montana. That year, after we moved here of course, it dropped down to -20*F (-29*C). So when I say cold.... I mean COLD. But I still love it here.

Cause this-->
Makes it worth every moment.
I love Italy, I enjoyed England immensely. The landscapes are breathtaking, the culture's fantastic, but when the tour guide started talking about England's 'mountains' I had to chuckle, I want everyone I met in England to come here. Fly into Bozeman (not Billings, you wouldn't get the full effect) and drive to Paradise Valley. As you come through the Bozeman Pass and the land begins to flatten out, off to your right you would see what I see everyday; great, magnificent mountains rising up out of the prairie imposing in their grandeur.
This is the kind of place where movies are made... no, really, it is... A River Runs Through It was filmed here, as well as The Horse Whisperer.

Okay... okay, I'm done bragging for now. I just had one of those days when you just LOVE the place you live.

Have a good day everyone!


BS5 Blogger said…
Hello! I just thought I would return the visit. Montana looks fine - liked the John Deere tractor that you inadvertently snapped!
Lisa said…
A pang of jealousy just crossed my path.

Now that it's summer, I'm stuck indoors because it's too hot.

But, I'm happy for you that you get to run wild and free outside.

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