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What A Drive!

The town I live in is known as a 'bedroom' community- sounds racy, I know, but it just means that there are more people than jobs and that most of the people who live there commute somewhere else. In our case it's the larger town 23 miles west of us. This is where my husband works, this is where most of the shopping is, and today was where I was headed. It typically takes 30 minutes to get there... it didn't today.

First I decided to take the frontage road, since the freeway is under construction. The frontage road has a speed limit of 70 MPH. Did I get to enjoy that speedy drive? No, I got stuck behind a crane driver who went 25 miles per hour. Why didn't I pass him? Well most of the road is a no passing zone, and I was on the cell phone with one of my dearest friends, Tasha. Okay, so that was fine... I got to the end of the road construction and hopped back on the highway, speeding along at a steady 80 MPH coming ever closer to 'The Pass.'

Now when I say, 'The Pass,' I want you to imagine something lreminiscent of the Virgin River Gorge, between St. George, UT and Mesquite, NV. Or perhaps one of the many roads that cuts through the Wasatch Front in Utah. 'The Pass' is a twisty road that's terrifying to drive mid winter, it has mountains on both sides, concrete dividers and lots of Semi's. So naturally when you get towards 'The Pass' you slow down.

Well, I followed the traffic ahead of me and slowed down.... and down.... and down, until it became apparent that there was yet MORE contstruction going on. They were putting in a new over highway sign. So we crawl past, and I try to smile kindly at the worker's as we go. But do we speed back up? NO! We continue to crawl along the twisty road at a break necking pace of 30 MPH. It's clear by this point that I'm not going to be making it to my lunch date with my husband so I call him. Then as I'm putting the cellphone down, yet again, I catch a glimpse of what is causing the traffic jam. A House!

A house, for heaven's sake, a freakin' two story house being trucked through 'The Pass' that's barely wide enough for two lanes each direction, and I'm lucky enough to be behind it. Not only am I behind it, but my relatively small truck (in comparison... it's really not that small, it's a Ford F150 four door) is also behind a Semi, who can't pass the other Semi. By this time, we're going so slow that a man in front of the house is able to hop out of a car, intermittently, and put down those bright orange cones, without breaking a sweat to catch back up.

Now, I'm not one for road rage, I just don't have the energy to put forth for something like screaming at passing cars. There have been times, though, and this was bordering on one of them.

Finally, FINALLY, the house scoots over enough for the lot of us to pass him by and I speed up again. I'm nearing the other side of 'The Pass' by now and breathing a sigh of relief to see town ahead of me. That's when I spotted the first one, I mistook it for a horse at first, but it's not. It's a dead deer. A very large dead deer, not more than inches off the side of the road. I laugh out loud at the odds, and then I spot the other one, the second dead deer, or rather the half of a second dead deer.

All in all I decided maybe it was such a good idea to go into town today and maybe I'll wait a week or more before I go again.


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