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Choir Girl

I'm pretty sure that when I introduced myself I didn't mention how old my kids were. Well, my oldest (a daughter) is seven turning eight this year and is about the most precocious creature I've ever met.

A great example of this is her hearty participation in the choir at church. Several months ago the choir leader announced that anyone was welcome to come no matter how old they were. My darling little girl looked up into my eyes with hope.

"Mom! Does that mean me?"

So she started going. Now every Sunday after church a friend of ours (whose also in the choir) will watch out for her and bring her home.

Yesterday they sang and I nearly burst with pride and love. There are around 10-15 people in our little choir (I didn't count, I'm estimating here) and she is the youngest member by about 20 years. I would have paid money for a picture of that, but I'm left with a mere memory that I'd love for you to imagine to yourselves.

It was our Branch Conference and all the Stake leaders had come from some great distances to be there. When the time came my little girl grabs our friends hand and practically drags her up to the pulpit. People shuffle around to get into position with my little one in front and coming no further than waist lines on everyone around her. She clasped her sheet music and began singing as loud as she could (which of course you couldn't hear at all with the adults).

I was told later, after church, that it caused quite a stir amongst the assembled leadership and many comments were made to various Branch members about "that little girl in the choir."


I haven't pushed her in any way, I haven't forced her to go when she didn't want to or anything and yet of the three little ones that started going she is the only one that has stayed on.

I wish I could find my sons niche, find what it is that he wants to do that bad. Maybe it will come out sooner or later.

How about you? Do you have any memories of doing grown up things at a young age? Or do your kids do anything you're particular proud of?

I remember doing a lot of giving up when I was young and I admire my daughter for her perseverance.


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