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The Vacation From Hell

Have you ever had one of those vacations, the ones where you need another week to recuperate? Where you wish you'd never gotten in the car or packed the suitcase?

I once took the 'short cut' my brother in law had recommended (remember what I said about short cuts?), it wasn't as short as he thought, in fact it pretty much ended at this big lake called Powell. The problem was I wanted to be at the opposite end of the lake, so I had to back track at least 4 hours, with 2 kids in the car.

The lady in front of me on my latest overseas flight had two small children with her. The older one kept bouncing across the seats and the baby screamed for nearly the entire flight. The flight attendant was horrible to her and kept telling her to keep the kids under control and quiet. By the end of the flight I could see the tell-tale signs of a mother on the edge. My heart went out to her even as I swore I'd never fly overseas with my own.

But if you think that's bad keep reading.

I once knew a girl who traveled from Arizona to California for her wedding. When she landed and went to get her luggage it wasn't there. They'd lost it, with her wedding dress inside.

When they went to get their marriage license they found out that all the federal buildings had been closed that day for Pres. Reagan's funeral. They had to drive nearly 3 hours to find some dinky out of the way Federal Building that was miraculously open.

She made it back to the hotel with only an hour or two to spare for her wedding and had to wear a church dress. The wedding dress wasn't found till the reception.

My husband on his way back from Iraq, was in a chartered plane that had malfunctions. They had to land in somewhere like Hungary and wait for the mechanic to be flown in from Ireland. It took 4 hours, and since they were uniformed American soldiers, they weren't allowed to set foot on Hungarian soil (or whatever country it was). So they stayed on the plane.

Another friend of mine recently had the horrifying experience of being arrested two days after she was the Maid of Honor at a wedding in another state. She spent over 24 hours in jail, and then another week trying to convince them to let her go home so she wouldn't lose her job. She had to post bail, pay over $200 to get her car out of impound, and hire a lawyer (another couple of thousand).

This was after she'd had 3 tires blow-out on her, been pulled over for a broken headlight, and found out the guy she'd been on and off seeing was actually a loser in disguise. When she finally got home she was dirty, exhausted and penniless.

So, count your blessings when the tire goes flat in the middle of nowhere. Remember those horrible vacations that you see in movies like 'Broke Down Palace.' Smile a little and think, at least I'm not in jail.


Lisa said…
Um... why was she arrested?
cannwin said…
I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill you. Besides, you know my friends... they're all a bit on the shady side ;)

Or I could say why was she arrested? Cause she was driving through Flagstaff. That place is nuts, seriously the cops have got to find something else to do. We get pulled over every time we go through there. Once for going 2 miles over the speed limit. I guess when you live in Phoenix you get used to the cops leaving you alone. But you go up north and they think they need to crack down on us Phoenicians.

Once in Page we got pulled over cause the crack in our windshield was to large. *rolls eyes*

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