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24 Hour Cannwin

5:40 AM- I'm typing one handed, I hate typing like this but I've got the baby asleep in my other arm. Today is Robert's first day of Law School and I'd like to see him get some good sleep before it, so here I am holding the littlest munchkin in a tiny hotel room with only the glow of the computer to light my way. I have a lot to do today and 3 kids to keep entertained while their dad is gone. I'm SO excited. :\

6:21- I wish I could go back to sleep but the baby has decided he can't sleep unless I hold him. I think my bums gone numb.

7:38- 6 year old is screeching about how I won't brush her hair, Why can't I do it for her? She wants to know. I'm wishing at this point in my morning that I could have a good solid breakfast instead of the donuts and apple juice I know they have out downstairs.

The baby thinks it's so funny to spit. I've never had a spitter before and at 18 months he's quite proficient, he can actually make little balls out of it. So now he's wandering around spitting at his brother and it's hard not to chuckle at the older one's reaction. *sigh* better go discipline.

9:15- 5 year old just locked himself out of the Wal-Mart dressing room with his clothes inside. No dressing room attendant to be found so I had to go up to the front and ask for them to send for one. Kids make life so interesting.

9:43- I am now $135 poorer but at least Robert and the kids are stocked for school. Oh, dang, I forgot to get Robert a notebook. I'll have to go back.

It's really humid here, I'm not used to it. The places I've lived (Phoenix, St. George, UT, Idaho, etc.) are dry places where, on a hot day, you walk outside in a stiff breeze and you feel you've walked into the path of a blow dryer. Not here, here you feel like you've walked into the bathroom while someone's taking a shower. I've got sweat running down my legs, I've never sweated on my legs before.

10:54- I'm worn out. Just spent the last hour or so filling out paper work for Elementary School Registration, that was while trying to keep the kids in line. Lets see the baby figured out the handicap button on the doors to which the older kids freaked about and tackled him to the ground in an attempt to keep him inside. They parent more than I do sometimes.

12:02PM- Trying to get baby down for a nap in a single room with four people in it leaves much to be desired. The two older ones won't be quiet, and my nerves are getting fried. He's finished his bottle and is now wandering around his portable crib listening to the other two who are singing without so much as an ounce of remorse from my scoldings. Oh and the TV volume is broken somehow so no one here's anything but fuzz. I need a nap myself, maybe I should trade places with the baby.

When we got back to our hotel room the housekeepers had blessedly been through it and kindly folded the 5 year-olds blanket on the bed with his baby possum on top (yes my son sleep with two stuffed possum's, a mom and it's baby... he bought them himself at a second hand store).

12:55PM- Baby just fell asleep, the kids are in the hallway playing quietly. I think I'll read some more 'Breaking Dawn'... I'm really surprised at how long it's taking me to get through this book. I usually absorb books through mere osmosis, but with all the business it's taking me a while.

2:28PM- Baby is awake. A little grumpy, but awake. The real estate agent called to schedule a walk through before the closing tomorrow. I'm so excited. In less than 24 hours I can gloat to all of you about what a great deal I got on my house. Today hasn't been so bad. I'm glad.

2:54PM- I'm sitting in the truck at the grocery store parking lot, Robert is in the bank. Still half a list of things to do. I think we need to clean out the truck it's getting to be a sty.

3:18PM- Sitting in the car again, this time in front of the utilities office... *sigh*

4:25PM- After running our errands we decided to give the kids some time at the park while we clean out the truck. WE were cleaning away when we noticed our 5 year old with his pants around his ankles. Robert ran over to see what was going on... that boy of ours had needed to go to the bathroom (more than pee) and decided the nearby tree was a good spot. There goes telling him to pee on tree's.

Now that he's cleaned up we get to enjoy a nice quiet dinner at Pizza Hut. Oh, never mind, the kids are coming.

4:45PM- I've had to go to the bathroom since the park, I don't think that's healthy.

6:00PM- They are bouncing off the walls now, and I'm not being metaphorical. They are literally bouncing off the walls, and the beds, and the little fridge, and their dad... oi!

6:50PM- Just finished 'Breaking Dawn', WONDERFUL! But I'm completely drained now and my head is starting to hurt.

7:15PM- The night time television options are the Olympics or Star Trek, not that it really matters since the 5 year old is screaming in the bathtub. Kids make life so layered.

8:35PM- The babes are still awake but I think I'll crawl into my bed (2 feet from theirs) and crash, they aren't going anywhere.

Hope you all enjoyed following me around for a day.


Jennifer said…
I love you sweetie! Sending you BIG hugs!

When do you take possession of the house?

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