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Tuesday Tell All: Olympics

This topic is supposed to be about what sport you would participate in, but I'm not a competitive person (okay, in sports I hate to be competitive) so I'm going to change the topic a little. My favorite Olympic memory:

Gymnastics the American Women's Team is on the brink of taking the Gold and a small little thing goes up to the spring board. She runs, she jumps, she breaks (or twists) her ankle on the landing and crumples to the ground. It seems all hopes are lost, how can she jump again (as she's given two chances). She's crying, time passes, the news is on a feeding frenzy.

The girl gets up, limps over to the runway and everything goes silent. (I remember breathlessly watching) She runs, she jumps and twists through the air turning around and around until WHAM she lands perfectly on the mat. Her arms fly into the air and the crowd erupts into glorious cheers. Almost instantly her hurt foot retracts into her body and her coach is right there to carry her over to a doctor.

The team takes the Gold (if I remember correctly), making it the most memorable Olympic moment in my life.

I really like watching, but I don't have any channels on my TV right now (or for that matter I hope never again) so I won't be able to watch this year. *sigh* Which makes me sad.

Anyway, I'm getting those 'Do you really have to blog when there is so much still to be packed' look, so I'd better skidaddle. Have a good day everyone.


Winsor said…
Well, what you are talking about is Keri Strug. It was a good olympic moment, but man she was ugly. The better olympic moment was when Rulon Gardener beat the Russian in Grecko Roman Wrestling. That was epic. Besides how sissy is gymnastics compared to Wrestling, women gymnastics at that. Rulon isn't much of a tipper though, I parked his car at the Hilton and he didn't give me a doggone Dime. What a stiff.
Jennifer said…
Just wanted to point out that I am being SO good and NOT calling you *sniff* so as not to interfere with the packing frenzy.
Polly Blevins said…
Actually, Dominique Marcaneau (or something like that) also did the same thing. It was the same year that Dominique Daws was there and I was rooting for Daws. That was when I was a fresheman or something (we lived in Delta)
cannwin said…
Ooh, I think it was Dominique cause I remember there being two girls that year with the same name.

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