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I'm sitting here in the dark, there are no lights on save one in the kitchen for the kids and the porch lights. My computer screen seems exceptionally bright as I plunk away trying to be quiet next to my sleeping sicko of a husband. The baby is crying, having finished his bottle and still not willing to succumb to the sheep that are flying over his crib. My middle child became angry that I turned off the hall light and is now curled up stubbornly on the couch, his usual place of rest, and the oldest, dearest girl child is quiet in her room waiting for the tooth fairy. That's why I'm up.

That blasted tooth fairy.

I'm tempted to write a note that says:

"You were up so late I couldn't wait any longer and had to continue on my rounds. Here's your money, I'll be back for the tooth tomorrow if you don't mind so much. Thanks! -T.F."

And leave it on the counter, but I'm afraid she'll recognize my chicken scratches. Oi!

That cursed tooth fairy.

The baby is still crying. The house is a bit overly hot since the sicko husband decided it was cold outside and built a fire, it was 75*F. Whose idea was it to buy a house with a wood burning stove? I'm sure it'll come in handy in January, but now? Today? I wonder if I could hide the wood... maybe blame it on the tooth fairy.

And who started doling out $1 for a tooth? I mean really, I never got a dollar, but now every little kid at school is getting a dollar and my daughter thinks she must not have very nice teeth, since she only gets $0.50. I guess I ought to be nice and give her a buck since she desperately wants this little diary with a lock on it that she saw at Wal-Mart.

It's funny how kids 'earn money.' The Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, 'extra' chores. If they only knew that all those little things they thought they were buying themselves were really bought by us. Well, I guess it wouldn't phase them.

The babies stopped crying. I wonder if she's finally dozed off. Do I risk it? Or stay up later?

That wretched tooth fairy.

Maybe if I write the note with my left hand... no I can't write small enough with the left.

Did anyone see the little thing in the column under my profile about followers? You should all become a follower so I have more pictures right there and look cool, two people following my blog is hardly something to brag about. That's like the other day when the neighbor girl mentioned Hannah Montana and my daughter burst out:

"I love Hannah Montana!" (she's never seen the show, btw)

And the neighbor girl said:

"Well, I'm a fan of Hannah Montana."

Yes, I can see it now: "Did you notice that new gizmo they've got on blogger? The follower's widget?"

"You know," I say proudly, "I have that one set up and I've got two follower's."

I'm rambling... randomly, LOL.

I'm sorry to torture you all with my wanderings, we can all blame it on the tooth fairy.

All right, I've decided a few things, one, it's time to go see if she's asleep, two, if she's not then I'm writing a note, three, the poor thing deserves a dollar so I'll have to dig one up.

Thanks for listening.




Winsor said…
The Tooth Fairy is totally over rated. I never believed in the Tooth Fairy and my kid won't either. It is way to much of a hoax for me to ever believe. I mean Santa Clause was believable (until I was 6), but a Giant Bunny and Tooth Fairy? What a hoax. My kid wants a buck for his tooth falling out, he can do the dishes. Otherwise grow up, yes even for a 6 year old.

P.s. sorry if you my kid ruins the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny for your kid. You still have like 5 years though.
Anonymous said…
I also never believed in the tooth fairy. I think that's because of my several older brothers and sisters and because the tooth fairy never left me anything.
I never believed in any fantasy stuff. I always knew Santa was fiction.
I think my kids are wise to the tooth fairy now. (i do leave money for them ,.25 no dollars here) They don't seem to care about it too much. Gracie's last tooth that she lost was forgotten (i was out of town when it happened)and she only remembered when it was pointed out to her.
Anonymous said…
I remembered something else too.
My daughters don't like Hannah Montana. Someone told Kelli last year at the end of school that Hannah Montana was in jail. I asked Kelli what she was in jail for (at the time i didn't know if it was true or not)and Kelli said that it was because of the words in her songs or something like that. Ever since then she has not been a Hannah Montana fan and it has rubbed off on Gracie and now their little cousin too.
Polly Blevins said…
I never believed in the tooth fairy either but why announce that when you get free money? Chances are, you don't really have to wait until she is asleep because she doesn't believe either. Just go in there and hand her a dollar.
Jennifer said…
The tooth fairy always leaves a dollar at our house, because it's easier to figure out tithing when you have 10 coins. I suppose I could have gone with 5 nickels, but I had dimes on hand that first time, so that's what I used.
cannwin said…
Yeah, right like I'm gonna walk in there and hand her a dollar, I can see the crushed expression now. She is a very innocent little thing I doubt she's even considered it. Maybe she'll mention something at school today and come home with questions but I think she's a true believer.
Lisa said…
Your a good mom. I love all that stuff. It's magical.
Winsor said…
Yeah, why crush her little innocent belief, just continue to lie to her.
Kiri Levie said…
You're hilarious... just remember how selfless you are being to make her happy. That's what moms are for, right? :)

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