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I Locked Myself Out of the House Today

What an emotionally filled day I've had and it's only 11:40 AM! Oi! First off the girl child wouldn't go to sleep last night and at 11PM-ish my husband was in the family room with her trying to get her to stop screaming, "GIVE ME WATER!!!!!" at the top of her lungs.

Fast forward to this morning* I wanted her to sleep in and miss the first part of school, but no, she woke up with her brothers and began screeching about how she wanted the purple bowl. This of course built into a hollering match between her and her brother, and I was left feeling particularly grateful that they were off to school.

Tried to take a shower after waving goodbye, and the baby cried outside the shower curtain the entire time**. Tried to sit down and eat breakfast, and the baby threw himself on the ground and screamed.

For the love!
I thought.

So I wrestled him into some clothes, dug out his shoes and opened the door. Out he bounds all smiles and happiness as we walked towards where the high school marching band was practicing. It was a nice walk, we picked up sticks, blew on dried dandelion seeds, collected colorful leaves for my wreath and then he sat on my shoulders trying to grab leaves off the trees. When we got back to the house I figured we'd have a little snack and then he could go down for his nap.


I have these stupid door knobs. You can open them from the inside even when they are locked. Both were still locked, and my keys were on the inside. What could I do but walk over to the University, across the campus, and into the law school. Carrying the little munchkin the entire way***.

My feet were sore, my knee was throbbing, my hips were itching from lugging him around (does your skin itch when you exercise, mine always does and I hate it!) and I had acquired about ten new mosquito bites in the Park.

Luckily Robert had his keys and was kind enough to carry the baby back to the house for me. Where I promptly put him down to bed and crashed on my own. Except that I can't, because I have an essay about the peer reviews for an essay due tommorrow.

It is now 11:52 AM and I think I should have stayed in bed this morning.

*Have you ever thought that that term, fast forward, will someday soon become obsolete, who owns VCR's anymore? The other day my daughter was asking me if things would be different when she grew up and I said, yes, then went onto explain the things we didn't have when I was a child. I remember when DVD's came out, or the internet, or cell phones. I remember car phones, they don't even have those anymore do they... or pagers! who uses a pager anymore?

**Every time I put him on the ground he'd lay down and bury his head in his arms... he was getting tired.

***This is a doozy for me. I am really big on my showers. I know lots of people who spend very little on their shower products. Not me! It is quite possibly the one time during my day that I get to spend by myself. I use that Brilliant Brunette shampoo (and no one else is supposed to), I use Oil of Olay soap bars (vanilla smelling) and I use all the hot water. I love my shower time and so having him wailing on the other side of the curtain kind of makes me disgruntled.


Our Family said…
Hey, Yes it was unexpected. We found out 1 1/2 weeks ago that we were leaving. We rented out our house so we can sell it when the market turns around. We just wanted to be closer to roy during the day and save up for a down payment/get out of debt completly by moving in with my parents.
Lisa said…
I love my shower time too. It's so warm and energizing. If Hannah's awake, then she's wailing on the other side of the curtain. Totally ruins the moment. She freaks out when I disappear.
cannwin said…
lol, I know! I know!
Winsor said…
I love showers as well. I always take the hot water, and John doesn't even care!

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