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Revamp on Writing Exercise

Sorry if I'm boring you all. But here we go again. Try this one out.

It seems easier to believe that we are born to our place, that there is no reason to try for something more because we simply are not meant to do such things. Talent is wasted with such sentiments and true greatness is lost in the falacy of casteing. We are capable of anything that our minds can imagine. Whether to write a book or discover the stars, we can achieve anything through our tenacity to be better. Through our understanding of the potential of the humand mind it is possible to see the greatest and weakest of assumptions.

Believing we can do what we set our minds to is the most important of all wisdom. We must educate ourselves and desire to learn before our abilities can be truly unearthed. Galileo may have been born to discover the stars but without the motivation, confidence and self-assurity to do so he would have been nothing more than a man who watched the skies. He had to take his desire and hone it, shape it, teach it. Education, knowledge, learning, these were the things that gave him the power to see beyond the dark veil of night. It was his belief that he could learn that brought him to the place he needed to be.

Robert Louis Stevenson said, ‘To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming is the only end to life.’ A divine truth plainly written, and stated for the simplest to understand. There is nothing of more worth than to push oneself beyond the bounds of expectation into a world of our own making.

Jane Austen was a great writer, born into a society bent on smothering her gift. It is possible that she often heard, ‘You are a woman, you can’t write.’ If she had believed this we would have been without her well-spring of knowledge and insight. Yet she saw through this common misconception, that some are born to write and some are not, and did what her heart wanted the most. She wrote and she wrote well. I can find no greater lie beyond assuming we are born to be of one design and nothing more.

Galileo and Jane had the secret, they believed that they had the power and the right to learn. To take knowledge and shape their dreams with it. They knew that knowledge is the key that drives our world, leading us down a path of never-ending discovery and wisdom. It is found by those with the desire and motivation to seek it, by those who are willing to overcome expectation and judgement long enough to search. There has never been a time in our history where so much knowledge is free to the masses and yet so many still choose to be passenger’s in the vehicle of life. To become what we wish to become we must take the wheel ourselves. There is no becoming without beginning. I choose to take this key, moving forward into the vastness of learning and not be bound by those who would dissuade me.


Anonymous said…
I really like that last comment about how there has never been so much knowledge in the world and so many people that don't care to grab hold of it.
So true!
Polly Blevins said…
Beautifullly written Charity!
cannwin said…
Why thank you, you guys.

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