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Ten Guilty Pleasures

I never get tagged... okay, well, very rarely. I don't know if this bugs me or not but today I actually googled "topics to blog about." It's all this writing I've been doing I'm feeling the strain on my brain... lol, okay maybe not really. Anyway one of the topics I found was the above title, and now I'm tagging everyone who reads this, that means if you don't want to be a spoil sport then you have to blog what your ten guilty pleasures are. Okay, here's mine.

1. Guilty! I am addicted to reading. You might say, that's not really bad, but no, really it is bad. I consume books at unnatural rates. Leaving laundry, dishes, dinner, lunch, diapers, bedtimes, and anything else I have to deal with waiting while I disappear into a book. Sometimes, when I come out, I'm a real grouch and I often have a hard time reinserting myself into reality. I'd rather be in the book than deal with my dull, mundane life. So I really have to curb my reading habits if I don't want to end up depressed, and... dirty. lol.

2. The internet. See above reasons.

3. Reese's Pieces. I can eat the entire bag by myself. I avoid buying them for this reason, but when my husband is being sweet he will often buy the biggest bag he can find for me, and it'll be gone by the end of the next day. I will eat these instead of real food... I can go an entire day (almost...I'm usually shaking by dinner) on just RP's.

4. Sleeping. The poor husband does far more getting up in the night then I do. Sometimes I pretend I'm asleep just so I won't have to get out of bed and wake up fully. I am the one who always sleeps in and he often gives me the naps in the afternoons as well. AND when he takes naps I usually wake him up after awhile since I'm bored. What a horrid thing to do... I really feel guilty about this one, but I just like to sleep so much.

5. The truck. I hated that he bought it, but I admit that I love it now. I feel so cool driving it, and we might have to sell it which makes me sad. I want to keep it so I look in a better financial situation than I really am.

Okay, guys, I'm starting to feel guilty for telling you all this. I hope no one judges me to hard. :\

6. Grey's Anatomy. I haven't seen it in a while, but it' such a soap opera! Everyone sleeps around and cheats on their spouses and so on and I love it! When my husband would go out on whatever night it's on, I'd wait till he left then lunge for the remote, watch as much as I could and change the channel as soon as he came back.

7. Wal-Mart. I like to go there cause they always have some random thing that I don't really need, but that sounds fun. I can spend a lot of money there on absolutely nothing.

8. The movie 'Catch and Release'... see #6.

9. (Oooh, I'm pausing to think... this is good right!?) Talking on the phone. See #1 and #2.

10. I like being the information source. Not so much gossip, but the little bits like 'did you know so and so is expecting?' or 'this family is going to move.' I like being the one that picks up on all the little bits of conversation no one thinks I'm listening to. Robert's always saying I'm like this gathering point of news, I hear a lot of things he doesn't. I really try not to be a gossip, and I'll stop people if they are trying to gossip with me (or at least I try to stop them from trying) because it makes me feel bad for the people. BUT I don't mind dishing out information I know to be accurate, like babies, and moves, and stuff.

Okay... there's my ten, now does anyone want to scold me before I go searching around for your posts?


Anonymous said…
I don't like the picture i paint of myself when i think about guilty pleasures. It's much easier to look at your's and laugh.
I get bored too when my husband is asleep. I have to be good when he has to work but if he is just trying to catch up on lost sleep i really have a hard time letting him sleep if i'm not busy.
Polly Blevins said…
Everyone has "guilty pleasures" I think it is better when you realize what they are so you can use them in moderation....sometimes more. :)
Jennifer said…
OK - 10 guilty pleasures, posted.

You know, I thought I was the only one in the family who was hooked on Reese's Pieces.

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