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When you are submitting work to various publications (ie magazines) they always ask you for a brief bio. I don't know what to put! I feel like I'm so engrossed in my job as mom that sometimes I forget the things that make me who I am. So when someone asks me to describe myself I'm flummoxed. Therefore, a brief bio of me comes out something like this:

I love to write, if I could spend all my time doing so I would be content, but I am a mother so most of my time is devoted to diapering and driving. I work evenings, and go to college when our budget allows.

Blah! A bio is supposed to be catchy, something that grabs the readers attention, makes you stick out and be remembered. It's a resume of sorts and I suck at them!

Help!? What would you put on your bio? What should I put on mine?


Ivy said…
You have to put where you grew up, right?
Put in the states that you've lived in.

Write the things that bring joy in your life.?

What about a couple accomplishments that you're proud of. Mom's always keep track of those if you don't.

Hope it helps. It's hard to talk about yourself isn't it.

You could use that story about winning the poetry contest.
Ivy said…
Those last two lines were transposed. It's not because i'm a bobble head.
Jennifer said…
I hate writing bios. I tend to look at other writer's bios and copy them shamelessly.

Check out this article - you might find it useful:

Jennifer, blogger and free-lance copywriter, lives with her pets and people in a state of chaos, made worse by the hours she spends vacantly gazing at blank Word documents in a state of writer's block.
Jamie said…
Here's mine from

Jamie Post Melin was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, educated at UVSC, BYU, and the University of Arizona (BA- English & History), and served in the North Carolina Raleigh mission. While working as a writer/editor and teaching Freshman English, she married a Montana boy. They settled in Livingston (just east of Bozeman in the Absaroka-Beartooth mountains on the Yellowstone River), where she is raising two daughters and a son, and writes to stay sane.


Hey, will you please e-me your mailinag address? We have a birthday box to mail to the kids!
cannwin said…
hmm, okay let me have a go today. tell me what you think and how I can tweak it please.

Growing up in SouthEast Idaho wasn't easy for a girl named Charity. She spent most of her childhood responding to variations such as Chastity and Chelsea, yet through her years of anonymity she discovered a great love of reading and writing. Now that proud mother of 3, she has yet to discover the truest forms of acknowledgment and is hoping they are to be discovered in publication.



Charity was raised and South East Idaho along with 2 brothers, 2 sisters, 2 step sisters and 1 step brother. Unsatisfied with her small family she married into a family of thirteen siblings. She is an avid writer and is most likely found with laptop in hand plunking away.

Charity was raised in Southern Idaho and currently calls South Dakota her home. Amongst the multitude of titles she has her most used are Mother, Wife, Student and Employee. She is striving daily to add Published Author to this list.

okay... what do you think?
cannwin said…
alright, alright one more.

Charity spends her days in search of her inner Shakespeare in hopes that one day she will be able to dethrone the king and take her place as the greatest writer of all time. Until then she is also a mother, student, blogger and wife.
Ivy said…
I didn't know that you had step siblings or that you grew up with any.

I don't think your bios do you justice. They don't sound confident enough. Your strength and passion don't shine through enough.

I know these comments aren't helpful without suggestions. I will think about that. In the meantime, can someone write it for you? I think that someone else might be able to describe you better than you.
I thought that this statement from your post would be a good thing to grow a bio from.

"I love to write, if I could spend all my time doing so I would be content, but I am a mother so most of my time is devoted to diapering and driving."
cannwin said…
oh, thanks Ivy. I decided after I'd written them that I didn't like any of them. This is such an odd thing for me to be bad at, but I suck at bio's! lol

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