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Holy Aching Quadriceps Batman

The pain in my thighs is so bad I can barely sit. Why would I have pain in my thighs? Well, the cover story is that I was working a covert ops mission in Bangladesh until I was discovered and had to crouch on the side of a sheer cliff face for nearly 12 hours before they gave up the search.

The truth is far less colorful, but it does involve heights. On Sunday, last, after spraying down the inside of the garage (and having a dead mouse fall on Ralexwin's head... hehehe) I decided it would be worth it to clean out the gutters as well, since we've already got the hose out.

I clambered onto the roof, with the help of said husband, and proceeded to circumvent the edge of our house on crouched legs. I thought nothing of it, in fact I was rather pleased with myself for getting all that junk out of the gutters. I got down, enjoyed the rest of my day and went to bed early.

I woke up on Monday, rolled out of bed and nearly burst into tears. I didn't know it was possible to ache so acutely so quickly. I couldn't even sit. I had to literally lower myself into a chair using my arms. Tuesday was no better, but by Wednesday I was feeling slightly better (or I thought I was until the baby through himself onto my lap and I nearly threw up).

I hurt ever so much. I think there should be a rule against muscle pain that isn't accompanied by a burning sensation. Shouldn't that be expected; if your muscles burn then you know you'll be sore, no burn -- no sore.

No! It's not like that. It's the god's way of shouting, "YOU'RE OUT OF SHAPE... IDIOT, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING." And then giving you the time to think about it.

I asked Ralexwin to just rub them and make them feel better and he thought it would be oh so funny to squeeze my thighs rapidly while pinning me down. I almost cried... it wasn't funny.
Maybe by next Monday I'll be able to sit and stand without crying "Aaaaaah" every time. I like taking those abilities for granted.


Ivy said…
First of all, dead mouse falling on head, ewwwww, so gross.

Ouch!! You poor thing. Does this mean that your'e not going to start a workout routine in the next week or so?

Last week Ben had some pipe fall on his arm about 3 inches above his wrist. It was heavy. He said the pipe is about 180 lbs. It raised a big bump and his hand swelled. They took him to Big Twig ER where he was xrayed and there were no fractures. Isn't that crazy. The dr. said that the weight just shocked the muscles and tendons and they were inflamed. It's better. It's still sore and you can still see the bump. Today you can see the bruising starting to come out. But this is the interesting thing. The bruise is showing most on the opposite side of the bump, the inside of his arm, not where he got hit.
cannwin said…
Hmm, no break; bruising in the wrong spot... Ivy I think you'd better do some interrogating of you husband. It almost sounds shady ;) you sure he didn't do something really dumb and he's just embarrassed to admit it? hehehe
TerĂ©sa said…
Ugh.. I hate to be sore, even with the burning. Take a hot bath with Epson salts. They are really cheep, you can get a pound for a dollar and some change (in the medicine isles). It's what the athletes do.
Polly Blevins said…
STETCH, STRETCH, STRETCH! That is the best for soreness. It doesn't eliminate it but it helps. For me, the sencond day is always worse than the next day. Sounds like you are on the mends though.
Anonymous said…
Just caught up on your blog. Sorry its been awhile. I think it is great to have a topic. Can I pick it. It will have to be in the realm of politics or religion though. The reason is because you will receive the most responses from these two topics. I am trying to help you spread your blog and that's the best way I know how. Again do you want me to go first. 007
cannwin said…
I don't know... Picking one of your topics, Anonymous, makes me nervous. Give me a few options to choose from. And nothing over the top please.
Leslie Farmer said…
Actually, I believe it is more likely God's way of saying, "Stay off the roof on Sunday!"

By the way, what is the point of having a lot of hits on your blog? ( this shows you how naive I am about blogging. I thought it was mostly an online journal so you could share your life with family and friends--and practice your writing skills--which by the way are really terrific.)
cannwin said…
Leslie, I guess the reason to increase traffic is that the more readers you have the more likely you are for someone to see it who might pay you. lol. But really it's cause I have this thing that tracks all of my hits and I watch the graph for any spikes in traffic. So far I've never gone above 30 and I want to.

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