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Huskies and Horses

On Saturday they had the university's homecoming parade that we had the pleasure of attending. We went with some of our friends and met up with some people from church. It was an all around nice time with lots of candy and political stickers*. But the best part wasn't until the very end when the rodeo queens came past....

You see our neighbor just got this dog. It's part Huskie. Well she decided to take the sweet, generally calm, loving pet with her and her daughter to the parade. We all enjoyed watching Star react to the different sights, sounds and smells around her, while my neighbor held onto her leash. Many bands came past that she watched curiously, several dogs were challenged mightily, and a couple of people were sniffed most inappropriately.

The candy bags filled, the skies grew gray, and the sidewalks began to empty but we stayed on to watch the high school band (who was last in line). As soon as they passed we heard the distinct sound of horses, CLOP CLOP CLOP. Ralexwin, being the ever watchful man that he is, suggested that perhaps he should take Star's leash and move her back from the road. Our neighbor agreed adamantly with this suggestion.

So Ralexwin led her behind the tree and all was going well. Star barely even noticed the animals until they got down wind of her. That's when the calm house dog was devoured by the voracious wolf kin that she was born to be.
To say that she barked would be a drastic understatement. She went wild! Her whole body lunged against the leash, Ralexwin had some trouble keeping her contained, people began to stare. Star barked like she was on the hunt and the horses flicked their tails condescendingly. We were all a little startled, and humored, by her this reaction. Star isn't that big, she probably comes up to the knee and the horses surely would have stomped her to death in less than a minute, but as most of us are, Star thought herself up to the challenge.

It took three of us to get her back down the sidewalk a ways, where she promptly reverted into the docile house pet that she is. We were all laughing by then (I wonder if any one else thought it was funny) and just loving the idea of her trying to take down five horses at once. Or for that matter what a scene she would have made.

I love animals, I really do, but this is a great example of why you shouldn't get to fond of them. They are exactly what they are said to be... animals, who lived by instinct for far longer than we have had time to tame them. None of us were very worried, and we really did find it funny, yet we were also a little startled at how quickly she turned into the huntress.

Someday, when I'm done with diapers and baby food, I think we will get a dog, but our dog will be an outside dog and it will be an addition to the family NOT part of the family. I don't care what other people do with their animals, but I think I'm going to stick with the idea that given enough hunger, and the right opportunity, I'm sure I'd be Star's next snack.


*As for political stickers, really do people go overboard or what!? Do you guys get these at your parades? We have this proposition on the ballot this year to ban abortion in our state. It's prop 11. If you vote yes you are supporting the ban. So on Saturday this lady comes walking down the line handing 'Vote NO on Prop. 11' stickers to ALL OF THE KIDS. I was so mad I did something I usually don't do... I outright said (right in front of the lady) "Don't you take one of those stickers!" Really, I hold issue with people who shove politics onto little children like that. It's underhanded, most of the little ones can't even read let alone have a clue that their wearing a sticker that basically says, "I'm for killing people like me."

Okay, I'm done with that now.


Lisa said…
Is that lady mentally ill or something? Giving those stickers to kids. Isn't that the most stupidest thing anyone has ever heard?

But, funny story about Star.
cannwin said…
Like I said, I was really mad.
KMullins said…
I love animals, I really do, but this is a great example of why you shouldn't get to fond of them. They are exactly what they are said to be... animals, who lived by instinct for far longer than we have had time to tame them. None of us were very worried, and we really did find it funny, yet we were also a little startled at how quickly she turned into the huntress.

You really hit the nail on the head here and it is something that is so easy to forget... the difference between tame and wild animals is a paper thin line.

You know the same thing applied to humans too... deprive one of us of enough basic needs and the "animal/instinctual" part takes full control. In the end we're all just clever monkeys! ;)

I detest the idea of abortion as a form of birth control however I have really mixed feelings on the subject because I can see situations where it should be allowed (rape, incest, etc.).

With that said... the idiot handing out the stickers should have had some sense slapped into her. Congrats for having the "balls" to stand up and say something.

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