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First Words

I have this theory that's been evolving in my head for several years. I'm pretty sure it's accurate, at least with my 3 munchkins.

The theory is this--a babies first word has everything to do with their personality and how they will be when they are older.


My daughter's first word was "Hooray!" She'd throw her little under 2 year old arms up in the air (maybe she was younger, I can't remember) and shout "Hooway!" It was very cute and very her, because my daughter is a genius that blows us away sometimes. She learned how to write her name at 3, learned how to read at 4 and when she started kindergarten she was at a second grade reading level.

She also listens to conversations like a super spy. You have to be REALLY careful what you talk about around her because she's always dropping little gems on you like, "If you have a baby in your tummy mommy, does that mean you guys did that thing?"


"Mom, if that's the school you go to to become a doctor do they mean REAL doctors that help people or just the ones that are really smart?"


"I don't think the tooth fairy's real mom because I found a tooth in your jewelry box and thought 'I'll bet mom is the tooth fairy.'"

So, at whatever young age she said 'Hooray' she showed us that her personality would be one full of knowledge and understanding... and big words.

Now my two sons (who are polar opposites of each other) have had two very different first words.

My first born son... we'll call him Albowin today... is about as contrary as they come. He has spent a significant portion of his 6 years fighting me tooth and nail.

So what was his first word?

"NO!" shouted at the top of his lungs when he wanted something I was taking away.

It's still his favorite word.

My youngest, Iyawin, is the most pleasant child that could grace our home, as long as I'm in the room. Granted he is home alone with me so that doesn't help any, but really if either of his siblings climbs onto my lap he screeches and runs across the room, hit's them and climbs on me pushing as he goes. If I leave him in the toddler class at church he'll sob the entire time and I'll end up holding him in my Sunday School class (if ralexwin takes him to the toddler class Iyawin will be fine).

Iyawin's first word was 'Momma.'

So, what do you think? I'm ony taking comments that are pro-cannwin's theory *wink* (no really anyone can comment). Do you have any experiences with first words that lend themselves towards or against my theory?


Claire Wessel said…
Well, let's see. Crimson's (almost 9 now) first word was DaDa and she's still pretty into her dad. She didn't say more than that and MaMa until she was 3. She's the observer and I think that fits her quiet exterior.

Rejeanne's (she's 2) first word was "attack" (thanks be to her dad for that one) and she is still wild, joking and impish. She's rad and she still attacks.

Cyrus just looks at me like I'm his favorite :)
Claire Wessel said…
Oh, and I finally figured out your pattern for creating your blog aliases! Yay!!
cannwin said…
mwahahaha. yes, I think that's rather crafty of me. It doesn't always work though so I fiddle around a little with them, like albowin .... it really should be alfrwin but that doesn't make any sense so I just moved further down in the letters till I found a vowel. Make sense?
Jennifer said…
Interesting theory. Youngest Girl Child's first word was Momma (IIRC - I'd have to look it up to be sure) and she's definitely very attached to me. I can't sit down without having her come and sit in my lap.

Oldest Girl Child, OTOH, scared me badly. She was nearly 18 months before she started talking. I was ready to take her to the doctor in a panic that something was wrong. She's still a pretty private person. I don't always know what's going on in her head, and I consider a real privilege when she decides to spend some time sharing her thoughts with me.
Anonymous said…
Hello Esperity, it's me Cari..I can't figure out how to add my identiy/name (not all your friends are geniuses!)

Anyway...I agree with your first words were "Me Do!" That's so me! And I'm still saying it many years later (in more complex English obviously). Oh and I like your new blog background.
Winsor said…
I'm still waiting for Easton's first word.

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