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Travel for Two

England is magnificent in a way that seeps into every nook and cranny. Even the stones and the stairs are worth photographing. I liked the country as a whole, but I loved Scotland the most--Edinburgh to be exact.

When Ralexwin graduates from Law School we are planning on taking a foreign trip together (this will be a first) and we're both excited. However, we've decided we'll probably steer clear of Europe and go somewhere truly fascinating. He wants to go to Israel and although I think that would be cool I informed him that I don't want to get shot or blown up. I suggested India. ;) We've still got some time to knock out the specifics (and save up the money) but India would be amazing. Anyone have any suggestions on where to go? I'm not really into the South America thing, there's to many wierd bugs down there, but anywhere else is open for discussion.


BS5 Blogger said…
Hello! I am glad you like England and that it seeps in!

CJMR said…
India would be very inexpensive and they speak English. I'm partial to all things Bangalore, but that's probably because my uncle is from there so I'm more familiar.
Ivy said…
Ben mentioned to my brother that a co-worker had gone to Indonesia to work at a mine there. He got very excited and said that if it was an option for us we should really look at it. This is my brother that travels the world for his job. He said that his family vacationed in Bali and it was beautiful. Deep blue water, beautiful sand, beautiful place.
Jennifer said…
Well, I'm partial to Australia. :)

My sweetie talks about how much he loved Greece when he was there.
cannwin said…
ooh, all very good suggestions and tips. I hadn't thought about the price. Good point. I met this girl on my tour in England who was from Indonesia and she said the pound was worth 6 times more than her money. Ouch that's expensive for them, cheap for us. But I still want something bordering on non-culture shock... does that make sense? Like you said CJMR they speak English in India which is a plus.

Greece? Hmm, I'll have to think about that one.
Lisa said…
My Mom went to China and Egypt recently and thought it was awesome. She went with a tour both times, so she felt safe and taken care of. She loved it.

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