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Yuck, I'm Sick Again...

I have this great post topic but I feel so under the weather you'll just have to wait. Ever get those chills that leave you piled under five of your biggest blankets wishing one of them was electric? That's me today, it hit me at church (which is probably the worst place to get sick at) and I had to suffer through the remaining hour in my coat and scarf not remotely interested in singing or learning. So here I am, lying in bed with everything but my arms, neck and head covered wishing I was asleep or feeling a little worse (so as to justify my husband not going to classes tommorrow). I'm sure I'll endure but until then here's a picture of a shirt I made and have been meaning to post.

This was an old tee-shirt of my husbands that I found when we were unpacking (we actually have no clue where it came from) and I loved the pattern on the front so I confiscated it and it's been sitting with my sewing stuff for a few months waiting to be dissected.
I obviously have two shirts on in this picture. The top hem/collar thing is what used to be the bottom hem of the tee-shirt and the sleeves are puffed out with simple elastic bands (fitted to my arm and threaded through the already existing hem), but I did use a somewhat pattern, which translates into I made the pattern fit the shirt as best as I could. I'm really excited about it, I've started eying another of his tee's that he never wears. Pretty soon the man will be shirtless and my closet will be to full. Mwahahaha

Oh and incidentally... I made the skirt too.


*Side note: This is how sick I am I told my blog to post this at 8:30PM instead of 8:30AM... ugh, had to fix that.


Anonymous said…
Wow!! How inventive. That looks great. Can't see the skirt.
CJ Harley said…
Sorry to hear you a sick. I hope that you'll get better in time to celebrate Turkey Day.
Lisa said…
Your so crafty. I want to get to that point. I just bought the stuff to start my life as a wannabe seamstress.
Lisa said…
Oh, and I'm so sorry that your sick. Super not fun when your a mom. Wish you could just take a break and relax, but you can't because a house doesn't fuction well without Mom. Hope you get better soon.
Winsor said…
I like are so creative, Charity!

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