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The Girl Child Sent Her Letter

Keep in mind that she's 7.

I'll translate:

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas are:
Cellphone, guitar, mini v-smile with games for it, cupcake makers, easy bake stuff, chapstick, art craft kit- with colored pencils, violin, ipod with music, littlest pet shop, flat screen tv, ring, necklace, clip earrings, a my little pony and the Wii.
:0 We were watching her write this and casting sidelong glances at each other. What the heck is a mini v-smile?! And a cellphone? I don't know where she gets all this since we don't have any channels for her to be brainwashed into certain products with. She cracks me up every day.


IB said…
That brings back memories! Thanks for the Monday morning smile.

Have a good day
Claire Wessel said…
I think a mini-v-smile is like an educational gameboy. I'm not totally sure though. Does she already have an easy bake oven but just wants more stuff for it? Kids are awesome!
Sara Crandall said…
She didn't say real cell phone! Get a toy one! That's what my mom did when I said I wanted a car. Boy was I excited to get a hotwheel car as a teenager ;(
CJ Harley said…
LOL! It is amazing what kids ask for these days. My cousin, who is almost 13 now, has been asking for a laptop since she was 10 years old. When I was a kid all I wanted was a bicycle.

But, I will second her on wanting a Wii!
cannwin said…
Yeah if a Wii didn't cost a mortgage payment I might want one too. They are a lot of fun.

Claire- She doesn't have anything easy bake she was just covering all her bases.

Sara- she clarified that later on when we asked her... she so wants a real one.
Winsor said…
She is so dang cute. What are you getting her?
cannwin said…
we are getting her dollar store stuff. We decided it was a good year to do this since they don't even know the diff yet and then they'll get a whole lot more. Oh and they are each getting their own box of cereal. My parents did this with us when I was little and I still remember how cool it was to have an entire box to yourself.

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