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I Am So Pro-Meds

List of things that happened yesterday:

* Kept daughter home from school sick.

* Drove to my first prenatal appointment at 7:45 AM (yes... really).

* Nearly threw up in the car.

* Saw doctor, found out I was overweight (no surprise there), and got a prescription for anti-nausea medication. *choir sings Hallelujah*

* Forgot to turn my car lights off, nice lady at doctors office points it out to me. I feel like an idiot.

* Actually made it to my class and found out that my final portfolio needs to have a piece of my writing not done for class. Woo Hoo! Too easy.

* Became acutely aware of where the garbage can was in class and nearly had to use it. Much prayer ensued and I was blessedly saved from the embarrassment of retching in class.

* Received a phone call saying that first born son had forgotten his shoes at home and only had his snow boots. (I decided he could learn a little lesson and didn't take them down to him).

* Put the baby down for a nap, took a nap myself. I think my sister called and talked to my daughter but I have no memory of the conversation.

* Woke from my nap with an intense craving for a Whopper with cheese--plain. Loaded baby and daughter into car and drove to Burger King.

* Enjoyed every single bite.

* Nearly threw it all back up while my daughter patted my back sympathetically and explained that I should stop a policeman because they were there to help.

* Waited for nearly an hour at the pharmacists while they tried to convince my insurance card that it was more than just a piece of plastic and had value beyond what it saw in itself.

* Took first anti-nausea pill.

* Picked up son at school. He wasn't to happy since he didn't get to play on the playground all day.

* Ate dinner... and a cookie... and a can of pineapple and didn't get sick!

* Vacuumed the living room (huge accomplishment okay)

* Managed to read some of "The Count of Monte Cristo" before collapsing in a heap of exhaustion and blissful non-stomach roiling.


Anonymous said…
I hadn't known that anti-nausea medicine existed until my sister told me that her daughter was put on it. Of course that was about 3 years after we were done with pregnancy.

What a wonderful invention!
I am pro meds too! I hated morning sickness.
CJ Harley said…
Holy crap! I'm exhausted just reading what you did. Glad you got some anti-nausea pills. I think that is one of the worst feelings in the world.
Lisa said…
That was fun to read.
Winsor said…
You are a busy pregnant mom!

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