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I'd Like to Thank

This is a variation on another blog. In it he forgave people for past offenses against him. Since that doesn't seem as funny for me to start listing I figured I'd thank people for past things they have done to help me.

1. For that guy who found my daughter (when she was 2) in the middle of that busy street and brought her back to her grandmother's house, Thanks.

2. For my co-worker Cathy who seriously went above and beyond her job description last week and worked an extra 12 hours so I could tend my kids. Gracias!

3. To my husband who lets me curl up to him and then spend the next ten minutes figdeting to get comfortable... only to roll away and sleep on my side of the bed. Thanks dear.

4. For Ivy who one day when I was in Montana watched my kids cause I couldn't take another minute of them. Thanks.

5. For the fellow soldier who, on their way back from Iraq, convinced my husband to buy me 'Sensi' by Giorgio Armani instead of something else. Thanks, it's my favorite perfume.

6. For those two guys and their dog who, when I was 17, stopped and picked me up when I was stranded on the side of the highway (for 8 hours) in a car that didn't have gas. Much obliged.

7. For my old roommate who dated my husband and therefore introduced me to him. Very much obliged.

8. For my big and little sisters who I can just call and vent about our crazy siblings and you know... whatever else. Kansha shimasu.

9. For T, who that one guy (you know who I'm talking about) dumped me for. Thanks deary... I know it was rough for you but you saved me a lot of grief. ;)

10. To my brother in laws Steven and Darien who were there for me every day when Ralexwin was in Iraq.

11. To every pilot whose flight I've ever been on... thanks for not crashing.

12. To my munchkins for making me breakfast in bed this morning... even if I could barely stomach it. You're the best kids in the world.

13. Thanks to that guy who lived at the end of our condo complex in Phoenix and saw the guys stealing our motorcycle at 3 in the morning. You deserved everyone of those cookies I made.

14. To my parents for never ever forgetting me somewhere and letting me sit alone as a child on the side of the street for hours in my ballet outfit. Oh, wait, maybe that should be on the forgiveness list.

15. And lastly (cause I've run out of them) Thanks be to my husband for letting me cry endlessly about how I couldn't take another day of vomitting and still letting me have more than one baby.


IB said…
Hi Cannwin,

Thanks for spinning off my post. I like your version a lot. It is very sweet. Maybe I'll give that "giving thanks" thing a try some time...oh and thanks for linking back to my blog.

Have a good day,
Claire Wessel said…
how weird is it that we have the same favorite perfume?

I hope things lighten up for you soon!

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