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What To Talk About Today

I took a picture of another one of my projects for all to see.

It's a quilt (obviously) for a baby and I gave it away a week or three ago to a beautiful little person that was born at 37 weeks. I saw this project in a magazine and thought 'How fun, I can do that.'

Oh my heavens it was a lot more effort than I'd anticipated and I only got it done with the help of my husband who wanted to be able to move to South Dakota and couldn't finish packing the house unless my quilting frame was taken down.

So you take a fabric with a large print and match it with one of corresponding colors (it can have a pattern as well if you're good at matching patterns... I'm not) then you take a contrasting color (in my case I used pink) and you stitch the pattern. Seems easy enough eh? Well it took me months! I don't think I'll ever use that type of thread again as long as I live.

But as these things always go I got lots of ooh's and aah's at the baby shower and that pleased me immensely.

For all of you seamstresses and seamsters (is that a word?) you might notice my wonderful straight line sewing methods along the border... yes, I'm one of those people who can't sew a straight line to save her life. No one but the avid quilter ever notices though so I think I'm in the clear.

So, if you ever want a quilt for your babies feel free to ask someone else. ;) No, I really enjoy making them but you'd have to give me about 5 months advance notice.

Have a great day everyone.


Jennifer said…
Oh, that's beautiful! It makes me think about trying something like that myself.

No, Jen, don't go there ...
Anonymous said…
So it's finally done. I think that was more than 5 months. It did turn out really cute though.
Good job!!

I must share something:
I feel like an idiot this morning. I couldn't get my internet connection to work. I called tech. support only to find out that my wireless button on my laptop was shut off. I didn't even think to check it.
Claire Wessel said…
Cyrus' quilt took about 2 1/2 years. I need quilt lessons. Charity, when are you going to give people quilt lessons????
cannwin said…
claire I can give lessons any time you want to come over and take them... but I'm not good at teaching and I tend to make stupid mistakes. I did however help my friend in Montana make a jean quilt just before I left. Just name the day and we'll start making one. :)

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