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Food! Glorious Food!

I've been making this list in my head lately it's the kind of list that one makes when they are obsessing over something. Sometimes I wonder if I'm like a wanderer lost in the desert hallucinating about water except for me it's food.

So my list (I like lists have you ever noticed).

Food that I miss:

Bacci Chocolates from Italy (I ate these 10 years ago)

Minestrone Soup from Riazzi's in Tempe, Arizona

Tamales with beans and rice from the Mexican restaurant in Livingston, Montana (we could never remember the name of that place)

Burrito's from that little Mexican restaurant in Ogden, Utah that me and my friends would go to... the one across the street from the dog food factory that was about the best kept secret in the whole city.

Panini's from that little shop in Stratford-upon-Avon

Fish and Chips from the tinier shop in Braemar, Scotland

Ravioli's from The Pasta Factory in St. George, Utah

Italian Sausage and Green Pepper Pizza from Pier 49 (sourdough pizza) in Pocatello, Idaho


A beef and sprout scone sandwich from Sconecutter's in St. George, UT

*sigh* I miss food. When I'm done being sick I'm going to go to Pizza Hut and order a Meat Lover's with green peppers and I'm going to eat at least 3 pieces. Then I'm going to buy the biggest Coke that they have and I'm going to drain the cup and ask for more. When that's done I'm going to go over to the local Mexican Restaurant and order myself 2 beef Tamales with beans and rice. Then and only then will I be content.


IB said…
We do the same thing, we find great food in the places we travel to and then forever associate the place with the food. Good times. I once had excellent fish n chips in Spalding, England...mmmmmmm

PS I like the new color scheme
cannwin said…
I really enjoyed fish and chips I think everyone on the trip thought I was odd but I kept thinking, "I'd never find fish this cheap where I live!"

And of course when I went home I ordered something as near to fish and chips as I could get and it didn't do the job.
Jennifer said…
You're making me hungry!! We have found places that we like to eat too - and then we move after a couple of years and have to leave it behind :0)
Jamie said…
Spoken like a true prego! When I have the barfs and feel hungry and nauseated at the same time, I just DREAM of food!

We go a little crazy on our AZ trips, too--our family wants to cook for us and we want to go our to eat for every meal to get what we can't ahve in MT!
Winsor said…
I love good food as well. How is your pregnancy going?

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