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Tag part 3

This is like a double tag I saw it on a blog and liked the idea so I thought I'd use it for my third (of sixteen) bits about my life for my dear niece--and anyone else whose interested, as I know you all are.

Okay so the tag I read was that you had to post your fourth picture from the fourth folder in your pictures file and explain... this isn't so cut and dry for me since I have many folders, sub-folder's, and random pictures floating around in my picture containment. See:
But if I organize them by date taken I get some more semblence of order and find that this is my 4th of 4:

This is Regent's Park in London. I went to London with my mother in April of '08. On our first day there she wanted to rest and I wanted to wander so I left our hotel took a couple of turns and promptly (and delightfully) got myself lost. That's how I found this park.... which is a very large area that you can't really miss and is nothing like our parks in the US and I enjoyed it very much. By the time I did find where I was and where the hotel was in comparison (I did have a map) my feet were absolutely throbbing but I enjoyed my little private exploration.

Other pictures from those first few days: Regents Park again. (above)

And this is the Jewel Tower in front of Parliament (how do you spell that?). I rather enjoyed those first days.


Alan said…
How interesting. Of course I wonder what is in the ninth picture in the ninth file here at Robot Nine. Alan
Alan said…
Turns out there are only three but the 4 of 4 is a giant shark in a glass block, some art from that artist that sold the diamond studded skull for like 100 zillion bucks. Alan
cannwin said…
I don't have a ninth picture in my ninth file. It only has 5 pics in it. 3 of which I keep meaning to delete, maybe I should just rearrange the folder and get rid of it all together. hmm.

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