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My dear niece tagged me with the reason that she wanted to get to know me better. She wants me to write 16 random facts about myself. So I got to thinking... I've done this one before and I'm sure my readers get bored of me always talking about myself (wait, is that the point of a blog?) so how do I incorporate my tag without being tedious? My sister seems to do a good job of this when she gets tagged.

So I've decided that I'm going to be dropping these little insights into my life throughout January. This isn't my theme for January, but it'll add to that what I can talk about, maybe I'll even tell you a story about each tidbit. Hope you enjoy.

Here's #1
I have a scar on my upper lip from a fist fight I got into when I was a sophomore in High School. It was a sucker punch that did it, caused when my friends had pulled me off the other girl and had my arms secured behind me. My enemy was still free and took the opportunity to wallop me right in the kisser... so naturally I did what anyone would in a situation like that (and at that age) I kicked her as hard as I could right between the legs.

It happened in gym class, so naturally we both got suspended and both recieved what was then called a 'Major Discipline' (you could only get three of these before you got expelled). It was the only serious disciplinary infraction I ever participated in on school grounds.

I do have to add though that I got in a lot of fights as a teenager... life was pretty rough back then (my parents divorced when I was 15) and I tended to take it out with my hands. I have a lot better rein on my temper these days.


IB said…
So, you're a total bad-ass with great taste in cars...awesome!


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