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Do You Want Some Cheese with that Whine?

I'm depressed, great welled up tears spilling onto my already soaked pillow depressed. The kind of depressed that is usually accompanied by music... Hey where's my music?

*soft forlorn song begins to quietly play*

Much better.

Ten years I've waited for this. TEN YEARS. And what happens now? I can't go. Nope, if there was any hope of making an appearance it's gone now. And why is it gone, because I've got this tiny creation who just might have waited a millennia or so that has decided to pick the end of July as his/her moment of appearance.

*throwing myself back on the bed*

Ten years! I'll bet no one will even remember me in 20.

The cosmos is out to get me again, it likes doing that you know. It thinks it's funny. Well I don't and I was rather looking forward to my High School Reunion.

But no... It's been scheduled for July 25th and I've got this bundle of love promising to make it's debut 3 days later.

So, *sniffles* I've got to stay here and wait for pain. I'll bet everyone eats yummy food and laughs and has an all around good time and I'll be sitting at home... FAT and SWEATY.

*sigh* Utah in July would be wonderful, I might have even managed to make it in time for the Pioneer Day celebrations. Not now though.

You know who I'm blaming this on? I think I'll blame it on my brother. Yes, I haven't blamed him for anything lately and since I was living with him when I graduated it's definitely got to be his fault somehow.

*wipes away a few tears*

I think I'll even go call him and tell him just how sad he's made me. He ought to know, it's just wrong not to inform people when they've gone and cut you to the bone like this.

You can stop playing the music now.

*music stops suddenly*

Thanks much.


Dan and Kaz said…
You don't need a High School Reunion to visit - I'm the one you really wanted to see anyway, right!?! Just come visit anytime:)
Cari Hislop said…

They'll all remember and recognise you...but you may not remember or recognise them! Some people mutate over ten-twenty years into old people/aliens. Not you!
jillysunflower said…
Sorry Cannwin I just can't feel sorry for you. Maybe it's because I just don't care about stuff like the reunions.
Leslie said…
Well, at least you didn't throw me under the bus, too! You are such a drama queen. I am almost convinced you are firmly rooted in Utah soil! You know, you still have family who live here and yes, we do have hospitals here in case you should deliver. The stork will surely follow you!
cannwin said…
Yes, I remember the last time you picked me up at the airport when I was pregnant leslie.... I distinctly recall you saying something to the effect of "You do too look pregnant you can totally see it in how round your face has gotten."

Oooh, I'd be so excited to go through that again. Especially since that was baby #1 and this is #4.

;) How was that for tossing you under?

Plus I might have to endure more gory details from that husband of yours about what it's like to be "clipped." He's bound and determined that I as his little sister need to understand what he's been through... I'm not so interested. lol
Leslie said…
Whoa. You are MEAN when you're pregnant! Feeling sorry for Ralexwin.
cannwin said…
Oh, I wasn't trying to be mean, just teasingly sarcastic.... I guess it didn't come out that way.


*bows head in humility*
Leslie said…
I, too, am fond of sarcasm. Gee, you ought to know better. I wouldn't get offended. ;-)

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