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Don't Get to Excited Now.

Headline for today:

Justice Ginsburg likely will be dead in 9 months

Hmm, well gee that's nice. I'm glad Justice Ginsburg and family can have a nice peaceful time together before she passes away.

Oh, wait... they won't be having a nice peaceful time, the bets have already been placed the horses are chewing at the bits and pawing at the dirt.

Don't anyone get to excited or anything we wouldn't want it to seem that we were waiting for her to give up or anything.

Sometimes headlines kill me. Really was there not a more appropriate way to break the news. Perhaps something to the effect of:

Family Mourns News that Justice Ginsburg has Less than a Year to Live.

Politicians Rally Around Grieving Family at News that Ginsburg Won't Recover

But no... we get beauties like:

SHOCK: Senator says Justice Ginsburg likely will be dead before year's end...

It makes me glad my family suffers from an accute case of anonymity. Heaven only knows what our headlines would look like.


Cari Hislop said…

When you're a famous writer with a world wide readership...all the important papers will headline...

Cannwin - on her last page!

Ok...that's pretty rubbish, but my brain is dead as in ded. Last night I spent half an hour or so on your blog listening to your music...I read your post and then couldn't be bothered to leave. I have a nasty head/chest cold. When lay down I start to drown in my own flem...not fun! Sleeping upright doesn't really work either, but I think I need to try again. I've had about 5 hours of sleep in 48...If I don't get some sleep soon the headline will be...

Husband arrested over suspicious death - wife falls down stairs - breaks neck. Leaves large life insurrance policy to husband. Distraught husband proclaims he's innocent. "Why would I kill my wife? I hate ironing and cooking...and I loved her."

I think the Goblin is home...have a fantastic undeadly day!!!!
jillysunflower said…
I just hope at my funeral everyone will sing "ding dong the witch is dead. the wicked witch"
cannwin said…
I would just like them to wait till I was dead before burying me. Poor woman.

Cari, totally know what you feel like... I think my cold may be turning into a sinus infection (is that possible?). But I may be a bit overparanoid about it, the last time I had a sinus infection (and the only time) I suffered from migraines for a month and prayed it would never ever ever happen to me again.

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