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In 50 Words

My dear friend Cari suggested this as a blog idea and I loved it.
Nothing to Blog About?

Why not try writing a story using no more than 50 words...I came across this 50 word writing contest a few years ago and wrote a few, but never remembered to enter the next year. The story has to have a begining middle and end!

To make it easier/harder I'll give you a word you have to use (though of course I won't cry if you ignore this suggestion entirely) Your word is; castle

So I did it! It was fun and made my husband laugh. I think I'll have to try this again. Okay, ready:

Betrayal (not part of the 50 words)

Raya's scream woke the castle. People streamed into the throne room to gape at their mutilated king. A gap formed to admit the prince.

"We must find the murderer!" Raya sobbed.

He smiled coldly, "So we can thank him."

In rage she lunged, oblivious of the bloody knife he held.

I think we should all do this, so if you like to write... tag you're it.


Cari Hislop said…
Oooh lovely gory story! You should give us a word we have to use and see what happens!!!!
cannwin said…
Oh, a word.... hmmm, since my kids are home from school today (due to freezing rain) I'm going to say.


Or is that to hard?

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