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The Count of Monte... Where?

Have you ever seen the movie version of Monte Cristo? When Jacopo finds Edmond sleeping on the floor and asks him what the heck he's doing. Dantes replies that after 14 years on a stone floor it's a bit hard to sleep in a feather bed.

Well, my son has the same sleeping habits. He never sleeps in his bed!
He'll sleep in a doorway:
He'll sleep on the couch.
He'll sleep in our bed:

He'll sleep in a chair.
He's even been found in the hallway:
But he avoids his own like it's a soft feather bed after a lifetime on stone.

We've tried to break him of this over the years, it's no use. He's gotten to good. We wake up in the morning and find him with us...

"Did you know he was in here?"

"No, did you?"

If we do catch him and send him back to his room we're more than likely to find him curled into a frozen ball on the couch the next morning (since he doesn't haul anything beyond his blue blanket--see above--with him).

So Ralexwin spends a few minutes every night carrying the kid back to his own room. (Which isn't always a guarantee he'll stay there)

My brother in law says that at some stage he'll grow out of this and we'll miss it. Yet however cute it may be I'd sure like to go one week without tripping over him in the dark.


Lisa said…
That is so funny. Thanks for making me laugh, I needed it.
Jenn said…
My little brother was kind of like that...but mostly he would sleep walk! My mom caught him peeing in my dads work boots, once. Instead of making a left to the bathroom, he made a right and went right into our parents bedroom. We all still giggle about that one!

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