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Fall Forward, Spring Back? No... That's not right.

One of the side effects of living in Arizona for so long is that we've forgotten all about Daylight Savings Time. (If you didn't know AZ does not practice this absurd ritual.) So, as usual we completely missed that cue yesterday and were an hour late for church.

Except that when we got there, and sat quietly (or rather tried to sit quietly... not easy with three munchkins), they announced that they would be canceling Sunday school classes because of the one inch of snow that had fallen on the ground last night.

South Dakotan's are odd, they brag about their harsh winters (which I'll give 'em) but then they cancel everything at the first sign of snow. I, having grown up in the Rockies, am used to going to school when it's so cold outside your hair is freezing to your jacket. My sister and I got lost in a blizzard once trying to walk home from school.

Anyway that was sidetracking, the point is that because of the Springing forward bit we were at church for a whopping 15 minutes yesterday, and everyone thought it was great laughs that we hadn't realized the time change.

It makes me miss Arizona and not having to worry about changing any clocks.


Ivy said…
I wish we did not have that "absurd little ritual". It's annoying.
1" of snow cancels church?!! We got snow all day yesterday. There's about 6 on the ground right now and the temp dropped like a rock overnight. It's still above 0 though. That's nice. The hard thing is that it was starting to be very spring-like for a couple of weeks and you know how that is. You get your hopes up and stuff.
I was telling Ben yesterday that this isn't good weather for people that have it finacially hard already. The gloomy clouds and relentless snow are depressing on already depressed people. It must have been awful during the depression for people that lived in the dust bowl. Can you imagine, you're barely able to feed your kids and the dust is so thick that you can't go outside and even indoors you have to worry about your children dying in the night from the dust. I would have thought that God hated me.
Strangely enough Ben said that the radio says that we have a high of 40 today. The sun came out today so hopefully we will reach that high. I guess it is still March, not really springtime anyway.
Claire Wessel said…
I always loved that the Navajo res does the time change in AZ but not the rest of the state. I hate the time change thing!

If you need something to blog about, could you think about doing a blog for people (like me!) who are clueless about dressing for snow? Like, how do you keep from freezing on sundays with the nylons and dress shoes?? How do you get mittens to stay on a toddler? We were running 10 minutes late to church, then 20 from trying to scrape the windsheilds, and then we realize Rejeanne had snow inside her shoes which is why she was cold and screaming! We gave up and went back in. Which is good since the rest of church was canceled! But I would love any advice on trucking through normal life in snowy conditions. How can the kids play without getting frozen? Do you just let them run amok in Walmart?? This is the first time I've lived in snow and I feel like I'm holding my children prisoner for a few months a year!
Lisa said…
Also being from AZ, I too was late for church. I forgot about the time change.

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