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How To Dress In Winter 101

Step one:

Find a good pair of boots, or two. One pair for special occasions and church, the other for the day to day. When you do buy them make sure you get them a little large to support the big thick socks you're going to want to wear with them.

Step two:

Thermal underwear. In varying lengths and styles (if you can find it). I found some tights (you know like the ones everyone wears under skirts these days) at Wal-Mart that were very thick and I don't last more than a day without them on.

Step three:

Long skirts for church (to hide the thermals), or some spiffy cute thick cotton tights (if you find these in adult sizes tell me where you got them). Combine these with special occasion boots (and accompanying thick socks).

Jeans for day to day (added to everday boots... and thermals).

Step four:

Shirts are a toughy so I just go for sweaters and scarves. Layer a sweater over the shirt you've chosen to wear and add a nice long scarf (wrapped snuggly around your neck). This allows for versatility when you decide you are to hot and need to take off a layer.

Step five:

For a coat you're going to need to go with wool for dressing up. Get a big wool dress coat to add with the sweater and scarf (oh and a pair of mittens with thinsulate in them).

For everyday use the fluffier the better. Feather's are the best... You can't go wrong with a feather coat, although you might look like a marshmallow.

As for kids:

Buy a good pair of snow boots at the beginning of the year and put the other shoes away. At the end of the season the boots will be so worn out that you'll need a new pair but at least your kids toes will be warm.

Layers, layers, layers. I can't say it enough, buy some sweaters, and sweatshirts to go over their shirts and several long sleeved ones to go under their shirts.

With my daughter we do a lot of pants layering, she wears those thick cotton tights (that you can get at Target) religiously during the cold or some of those cute under dress pants I was telling you about above. These go on under jeans or skirts.

Buy a scarf, buy a hat, and buy a good coat. Chances are that your youngest ones won't keep a pair of mittens on their hands so you'll just have to deal with cold fingers. I buy them anyway... at least three times a season.

Oh and invest in some snow pants.


Stock up on chapstick. You can't get enough of it in the winter, especially with the kids who will lick their mouths raw.

That's all I've got for you. It's a tough row to plow and I'm still getting used to raising babies in cold weather.

Any one have any other advice?


IB said…
Move as far south as you can.
Lisa said…
You know I need to know this stuff. Thanks for the info.
Claire Wessel said…
I like IB's idea but I like this concepts of seasons and it would take a lot more than my whining to get my husband to move south!

Thanks Ms. Cannwin for the instructions!
Jenn said…
Good advice....oh and by the get my Playlist have to go into the HTML and change the size. If you need help let me know and I can try and email you directions...
cannwin said…
The problem, IB is that most of the lot I know is from the south and we were all crazy enough to move North.

Or in my case return north.

I like the idea though, it makes me long for the sun. *sigh*

But 4 seasons are kind of fun... well, 3 seasons would be better and we could just skip winter all together. Anyone know where I can move to get that?

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