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Ralexwin has decided to start a day care in the basement over the summer. Evidently there is a massive, ginormous need for places to watch kids in this town and you don't need a license if you have less than 12 children.

Anyhow, I said (you know...after several "arguments") that's fine, but I am SO not doing it with you.

So he's going to do his little daddy-daycare downstairs while I play mommy upstairs. The perk I get out of all of this is that the basement is very dark (wood paneling abounds) and he's decided to paint it all and brighten up the room.


I won't complain about that one. In fact I might even help out a little if it means my basement gets spruced up a bit. I think I'll have to take some before and after pics.

He's really excited about this, I think he's decided that helping little ones have happy childhood's is one of his callings in life. I have a very wonderful husband. I practically adore him.

So perhaps when things get going I will have more interesting stories to tell you all.

On a side note: If you were one of the "friends" of mine who told me Twilight was worth watching. I'd like to say the director couldn't have butchered that book any further. It was terrible! The only thing I really liked was the music (and the scenery). You'd all better be wary of what movies I start recommending you. 'Cause it's payback time.


Polly Blevins said…
I think that is great he is doing a day care. It is great money when you have enough kids and if they are at least 2, they play together and are lower maintenance than younger kids...except for the many fights over toys. Good for him. Yeah, twilight was terrible but the new one is suppose to have a new director and a bigger budget and hopefully much better.
Chelsea said…
I hope the daycare works out! I have not read the Twilight series, but I am a little intrigued to read them now because of the movie. It took a while for me to understand what all the hype was about as I watched the movie.
Lisa said…
I agree that they butchered that movie. It's hard for me to watch.

I haven't gotten ready in days for your self portrait request, but I'll try just for you.
Ivy said…
Wow! you'll have a loud basement this summer.
Ben and I went to the Twilight movie. We didn't expect it to be any good but i was curious. So we went prepared to make fun of it and we had a good laugh.
Jessica Bair said…
Yeah, I found the Twilight movie to be quite cheesy, but it gave me some good laughs.

As for the daycare, that sounds like crazy stuff. I just can't handle more than a few kids at a time. Especially if they aren't mine. Good luck to you guys.
Cari Hislop said…
The thought of a day care scenario sounds like self torture, but some people enjoy that sort of thing...good luck! :)

I haven't read Twighlight or seen the movie...but it can't be as bad as Titantic...I was forced to see that at someone's house after Thanksgiving was hell!!! When it finally got to the end I was silently screaming...die! die! die! to Dicaprio's character...I never wish to repeat that nightmare. A wasted three or so hours of my life.

Changing direction...have you ever taken the Myers Brigg personality test? If you have I'd love to know what you came out as. It might help me to understand your viewpoint on fiction...though of course you could tell me to mind my own business...if you're interested I'll happily share my profile, but it's rather big surprise there eh?
cannwin said…
Cari dear Twilight is so much worse than Titanic. I mean the movie. It takes all of the best lines in the book (which you totally should read) and cheeses them out till you say to yourself "I can't believe I thought that was romantic."

Really, it hurt a lot to watch. I'm now rereading the book to get the movie out of my head.
cannwin said…
also, according the website I just went to I'm an EFSP... which I'm not so sure about, it makes me seem awful flighty, but then again that's what Ralexwin has decided the girl child is so perhaps I am as well. Hmm. So what does that tell you about my views on literature?
Jennifer said…
Sorry!! As one who loved the movie and recommended it to you, I humbly grovel at your feet in abject remorse.

Funny story - I rented it to watch it again (I'm going to have to buy it, I've decided) and while I was watching it The Boy Child came in and cried out, "Oh, no! Not sparkly Mormon vampires!"

This is why I never watch movies when he's around. :P
Cari Hislop said…
So Esperity is an ESFP? This makes a lot of sense're a concrete thinker which means if you read, "The car was black." You'd read, the car was the colour black. Not, the car aproached like an evil cloud that threatened to destroy her and escape through a hellish portal..." To your sister Jen...the seemingly innocuous statement, "The car was black." would more likely be read as the latter than the former! She is an NF...she is an Intuitive Feeler! For would read as both. That is not to say she wouldn't take in the color of the car, but I'm just using it as an example of the difference between concrete and intuitive thinking.

The first time I took the test at 19 I believe I came out an EXXP. I remember clearly the middle letters were two X's as I was rather disappointed with that. My second test I came out as an NT or Intuitive Thinker. But in reality, I have multiple personalities; I am SP, NF, and NT all at the same time.

I'm like a computer with three separate programs running simultaneously...the SP side of me constantly concretely senses my NF side scans for incoming emotive info and the NT side scans for all kinds of logical patterns both visual, audial etc. Just call me Superfreak! :)

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