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The Garden

So we've planted some things in our little plot of land, maybe I'll even get some pictures uploaded one of these days and show you. As it stands, though, I thought I'd share with you the process thus far.

Step One: Deal with the large piles of leaves, twigs, trimmings and such that have amassed since last fall. This was accomplished by scaring the living daylights out of cannwin one cool spring afternoon.

As I stood in the kitchen doing whatever it was I was doing I looked up to see great flames heading skyward from my backyard. Next image was of my 2 year old running towards them, I nearly had a heart attack. It turns out that ralexwin had decided to burn the stuff down to a fine ash, as instructed by our gardening friends, and thought it best to ask for forgiveness rather than permission.

Step Two: Fine ash thus created. We waited for our friends to come over and tell us what to do next. Ralexwin got impatient with this and planted corn seeds.

Again I'm in the house and the kids all come careening in covered in mud and singing 'I love dirt.' I was a little curious as to what the heck they'd been up to when ralexwin informed me they were planting corn, but just to one side so our friends could still do what they wanted.

Step Three: The friends finally made it over, we turned our ash into the dirt (or rather they did as they big, fat pregnant lady stood honor guard nearby) and added top soil. We now have tomatoes and cucumbers planted on the opposite side of the plot from the corn... with enough room between for some more veggies whenever I get around to buying some.

Step Four: The pellet gun has now come out of it's dark corner of the closet and ralexwin is having immense fun trying to scare off the rabbits and squirrels (his pellet gun sucks, it wouldn't kill a rabbit point blank--but don't tell him I said that *wink*). This is not my most favorite of his hobbies, but I did marry him so sometimes I just have to turn a blind eye to his more masculine of behaviors.

My question for my friendly garden savvy readers is how often am I supposed to be watering this stuff? I took the edge of the shovel and made slight runnels into the ground around the corn seeds so I could 'irrigate.' but I've only done that once since planting (it has rained a bit). So once a week? Once a day? What's the consensus?


Lisa said…
Love the fire forgivness story.

Don't know about how often to water. There's got to be a good website out there.

I totally depend on the internet for all my gardening needs.
Lisa said…
Oh... and we need pictures. I want to see your garden.
Claire Wessel said…
check out the flying tomato farms link on my "people I stalk on the internet" list on my blog. She talks about farming topics regularly and is more than happy to answer questions. My vote is "as often as the dirt is dry" but I'm probably the last person you should listen to about gardening.

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