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The Predatory Nature of a Fish

Cosmic Question #Whatever I'm On

Do sharks growl? Or make some sort of noise before the attack? Or are they a 'silent killer?'

I think the answer to this might forever decide whether I swim in the ocean.


Cari Hislop said…
I'd wager they're as silent as death!
Though they do have to keep moving even when they sleep or they'd sink and maybe they unwittingly cause some sort of shock wave...come to think of it the hammerhead shark is really has some sort of electrical sensors that tell it something edible is nearby (if I remember correctly)...pesonally I wouldn't go swimming in oceans where sharks gather to talk about meals delivered on boards, but that's just me.
cannwin said…
I remember seeing an episode of... what's that show? the one where they test out common wives tales and see if they're real... I can't remember it's name, but anyway they tested whether sharks were really attracted to flashlights.

They were SO attracted to the flashlights (at night) that the people doing the test scrambled as fast as they could to get out of the water... there were so many sharks that showed up.

Ethan said…
Once I saw your 6 year old running around the house growling and biting things (like his sister). I asked him what he was and he said "A shark!" Then he growled and tried to bite me :). I still laugh when I think of that story.

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