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Sure Signs of Old Age

There are those commonly known signs that say..."you're getting older."

-graying, thinning hair
-wrinkles around the eyes
- a flat tire around the waist

Then there are the not so visible signs of aging like when you sneeze and have to change your pants (or is that a mom thing?).

When you stand and all your joints 'pop' back into place.

When a large meat lovers with an order of bread sticks and soda becomes both financially and cardiacticly (is that a word) frivolous.

When the waist on your pants goes back up and you start seeing the clothes you wore as a kid on the racks again (I recently saw a form of saddle pants in the jr. miss section).

My favorite is musical and cinematic preferences... Boy can that one date you. When did preferring Sean Connery as James Bond make you look old? Another one of these is Star Trek (as you all know I love) someone recently wrote on a notebook 'Captain's Log' and I chuckled to myself and wrote 'Stardate 01022009.' Everyone looked at me weird! I had to explain to anyone 25 and under what exactly that meant... and I'm 28!

I feel older with every child I have. Maybe I just feel old when I'm pregnant with every child I have but the difference is infinitesimal at this point.

There's the psychological aspects as well. Realizing you have nothing to 'recommend yourself' and that if your spouse were to kick the bucket you'd be moving back in with your mother. -Nice-

My daughter asked me recently what we have now that wasn't invented when I was a child. I wanted to cry.

"I remember when we got the internet in our house."

"REALLY? Were there even cars when you were a kid?"

What wasn't invented? Try Home PC's, Laptops, Car alarms, Cell phones... I remember when Typewriters went obsolete.

How embarrassing.

But at least she hasn't asked if I was around when Jesus was... which is what she asked about my mother. Actually, maybe that doesn't make me look very good either.

I think I'm in a losing battle here.


Jennifer said…
I asked Mom once if she had been alive when Jesus was. She thought that was hilarious. In fact, I think she wrote it down.

Typewriters - Grandma gave me an electric typewriter when I graduated from college. I was wildly excited, and used it for years. It disappeared at some point, which I regret. I'd love to get my hands on it again. Probably can't buy ribbon for it anymore, but there are a lot of memories tied up with that typewriter - late-night college papers, working and reworking resumes...

Remember Mom's word processor with the special paper? It looked like a typewriter but had a memory?
Claire Wessel said…
I learned how to type on a manual typewriter (yes, I grew up very poor). I can use carbon paper. I know that the "cc" on a letter actually means "carbon copy" because that is how you used to cc someone. With carbon paper! I know how to program an electric typewriter (the fancy kind). I remember Beta tapes, life before CD players, black and white tv's with an 18 in screen being normal, having to use plyers to change the channel. Heck, I've even stood there holding foil at a certain angle from the bunny ears for an entire show just so I could watch it. I know that bunny ears are not just found on rabbits. I owned a beeper. I didn't have internet in high school. I remember when fax machines had that special heat sensitive paper. I know how to use DOS. I've seen a mainframe!

We may, in fact, be as old as jesus. I take solace in the fact that I see teenagers running around in band shirts of bands that are from when I was a kid and that my music has yet to be relagated to the Oldies station.
cannwin said…
today I took the munckin girl down to the dollar store and they were playing this song... how did it go...

'find faith in nothin!
wanna put my tender heart in a blender
watch it spin around to a beautiful oblivion...'

I knew every word to the song and was bouncing my head around with it until I realized I knew it cause I liked it in High School. No one else seemed to even recognize it.


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