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The Bad Relationship

Pregnancy and I are ready to part company. I just wish there was a way to pass this information to the baby in there. We've had a falling out, pregnancy and I. Well okay we HAVEN'T had a falling out... We haven't had an anything out... We're in fact still bound together, still forced to bear one anothers company for the sake of the child. At some point the child will be old enough that we can part company, but that hasn't happened yet and we've started losing sleep over it. We can barely share the same bed. Nightly arguments have begun, I want to know why I have to be the one to get up three times when Prego is the one who got us into this. Prego of course disagrees and argues that it's very much my fault and I'm going to have to deal with it.

I get no sympathy at all and perhaps that's why I think it's time to move on from this relationship. But Prego has sworn that this won't end pretty and I'm inclined to believe that. What does one do, though? When you want out, you want out and sometimes you're willing to accept a little pain to get there.

Yet I keep coming back and I'm fairly convinced I'm getting the short end of the stick here. I leave and Prego goes merrily along until finally I come crawling back, begging... 'Please just one more chance.' Which of course, it's been my experience that Prego is more than willing to accommodate. Then we endure one another, bickering like children while I descend into a world of binge eating and weight gain. Only to have it all end,again, in blood and pain.

When will I learn? It's never a positive experience! Were it not for the children I may very well question my mental state. The children make me pause and hesitate in complaining, Prego has given me some wonderful children. I just wish I could eliminate the middle man (Prego) and go straight to the kids. I think in the end we'd all be a little bit happier then.


Polly Blevins said…
I think we all wish we could eliminate the middle man.
Jennifer said…
Very clever! You are so funny. :)

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