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Here's the news... no baby yet, but there will be one by Wednesday (July 22). That's because the doctor has decided to induce me a week early. This is because I have a Group B Strep infection, which evidently is pretty common (1 in 3) and harmless to adults. It has, however, the possibility of being quite dangerous to babies (causing things like blindness).

The common practice is to give the mother a prescription of antibiotics when the infection is found. For me this was sometime during my 20th weeks and the dosage was incredible, like 1000mg's twice a day of Amoxocillin. The problem about this practice is that it doesn't destroy the strep, it just makes it go away for a while and so when the mother goes into labor the doctor commonly administers two more doses (via IV) of antibiotics.

That's where I come in, and where things get a little sticky. The two doses of IV have to be given four hours apart which is a bit of an issue for me. You see I have pretty fast labors. My last birth took 5 hours from start to finish, and in that time I went from a 5cm to a 10cm in one hour (very traumatic).

As of last Thursday I was already at a 2cm and moving along at a nice pace (I'd be surprised if I hadn't gotten to a 3cm by now). This leaves very little time for the IV's to get into my system and increases the risk for the baby, so my doctor has decided in order to control when the antibiotics get into my system she is going to induce me.

At first I was pretty excited. I might be a bit irrational, and probably not the best person to be making choices of this type (since I just want my body back at this point). Ralexwin isn't so excited, he thinks it's unneccesary and can give you a large amount of statistics now about just exactly why it is, but he wasn't in the room when I had the discussion with the doctor so his opinion is pretty moot at this juncture.

So at 6AM on Wednesday morning I am to report to the hospital for what I have decided is a self-scheduled torture session. What is wrong with me!? Who jumps at the opportunity to feel pain of that magnitude? You know those little signs you see at the hospital or doctor that say “How much pain are you feeling?” and then they have the little face smiling next to the '1' and under it it says “No pain at all.” Then up by the ten the little face is cringing and it says “Worst pain imaginable.”

Laboring children is a 10. It's what I compare all other pain too... and I just scheduled a day to endure it.

I've also never been induced, and I hear that it can be pretty bad. I can only hope that since I'm moving along at a nice little pace right now that my body just needs a little push in the right direction and will do the rest on its own.

I'm a bit panicky. I have to remind myself that my last was only 5 hours... 5 hours isn't that long, is it?

Whew. Right so I'm moving on to another topic now. Everyone wish me luck and hopefully I will have a chance to post a snippet about my little one at the end of the week.


Lisa said…
I was induced with baby #2 and it was AWESOME. So don't believe every horror story. Sometimes it's great.

My and all my girl-family had Group B Strep. I sure was freaking out when the doctor told me though.

I'm so excited for you!! Wow! I wonder what your having. You have to post his/hers real name. Or e-mail it.

Good luck/Happy Delivery/Fast Recovery/ and healthy baby.
Chelsea said…
I"m so excited for you. I also can't wait to find out what you are having!
Jessica Bair said…
I've been induced 2x and lived through it just fine w/o and pain I'm sure you'll be fine. Good luck. You should have your husband post on your blog what you have so we all know.
Anonymous said…
Well the baby is here 7 lbs 1 oz 19 inches long no complications name Rebecca Meav. You will have to wait for the gory details when canwinn is up and running.

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