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The Wheels on the Bus

This year we decided it was time to subject our Irish Twins to the "experience" of riding the school bus. Ralexwin promises that this will help them build character, and ensure they aren't socially backwards (or something of that sort). I'm having flashbacks and acute signs of PTSD from my own character building "experiences."

But with the new one at home and the 2 year-old demanding extra mommy time (to make up for the baby invasion) I thought it would work out better for everyone. So in the morning we send them off with the neighborhood group and every after noon I wait at the end of my driveway for their return.

Now, I must say that my children are quite dramatic (it doesn't come from me I assure you *wink*) so when they walk dejectedly up to the house at the end of the day I assume they are just over doing their excitement to see me.

It turns out... maybe not.

So here's the story. 6 year old son kisses 7 year old sister on bus. 5th grade boys see this happening. You can imagine what ensued. My poor little boy endured some intense teasing up to and including the point when his older sister (bless her sweet little heart) stood up on the bus and said something along the lines of:

"Stop making fun of my brother! You're being mean. If somebody fell down on the ground I'd help them up, but you are mean and if you keep acting like that you're going to be a bully, and I don't help bullies."

Then she very gently informed her brother that he could kiss her as much as he wanted... at home.


I love that girl.

She cried and cried about that event. Then she told me her dream was to be a teenager so she could scare little kids.


The next day the kids come walking dejectedly up to the house once more.

"Oh" I said gently, "what happened today."

She informed me. "I sat closer to the front like you said to, but that boy got on and he saw me there and he said..." she pauses for effect, "he said 'Oh look, if it isn't Little Miss Stick-Up-For-Herself.'"

I laughed delightedly and she looked rather put out. I explained that the boy in question had just complimented her. He'd actually acknowledged that she could take care of herself. That seemed to help.

So the next day they came walking down the sidewalk hand in hand smiling and chatting. I haven't heard anymore about the boy.

Perhaps Ralexwin is right, maybe the bus does build character.


Ivy said…
I like her be-bigger-to-scare- those-younger-kids plan. Sooo funny.
Good for her to stand up for herself. You've taught her well.
Jennifer said…
So glad they are happier now.

When Oldest Girl Child was dealing with a bully at the bus stop I wanted to dash in there and fix it. I got some advice, however, that I needed to back off and let her handle it - that she needed to learn that I believed she was capable of dealing with difficult situations.

So, we wound up doing lots of acting out how to handle bullies, lots of discussion about why someone would act that way, lots of discussion about mean things that were said to her that I assured her weren't true.

And, she's OK. This was a few years ago, and she handled the situation very well. The advice I got was good.

OTOH, I was keeping an eye on the situation and how she seemed to be handling it. If I had thought it was getting to a point that it was hurting her, we would have tried something else.

I guess it's like everything else in parenthood. You keep trying until you find something that works. So glad this seems to be working for your two!
Claire Wessel said…
Good for her for sticking up for her brother.

I took all my lumps at school never on the bus. Of course, my bus driver was a 6'2" black man with a gheri curl and a lead foot. I still to this day have no idea how he made some of those turns at that speed in such a large vehicle. Maybe we were all too afraid for our lives to act out on the bus! hahaha
Lisa said…
You should win an award for that post.

I'm laughing so hard. But not loud... the kids are sleeping.

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