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Mom, I Thought It Was Real But...

I got up early today (4:30AM early) but I did my best to convince myself I wasn't. I fed the baby in bed and kept my eyes closed 90% of the time. That's until I heard the banging around in my daughters room.

Now usually she's our best sleeper. She rarely gets up at night, rarely has bad dreams, and rarely wakes at the crack of dawn to sneak in a computer game or two. So I layed there wondering what the heck she was doing at 4:30 in the morning, the baby was nursing though so I didn't have many options beyond listening.

I did try to coax Ralexwin into action but his exhaustion made him fairly apathetic.

Finally I roused myself and climbed over said infant and husband. I walked cautiously down the hall (it's fairly messy right now) and heard the gentle query of my 7 year old.

"Hello?" This is what she says if she hears noise but doesn't know who it is... I think it scares her.

So I went on in and found her curled into a ball at the end of her bed a position that I had only a moment to digest before she said those fateful words...

"Mom, I thought it was real but it was just a dream and I wet my bed."

I chuckled to myself, flooded with memories of my own equally deceitful dreams. Then I told her that was okay, that we all have dreams like that sometimes.

But boy, I gotta tell you if its not one thing its another with these kids. Getting up with Remewin is all  part and partial but add to that the other three and what you end up with is a pair of VERY tired adults. We hit our pillows like rocks in a pond, little ripples of exhaustion emanating outwards. We can go from 0 to REM in 2.5 seconds.

I like being a mom, I like new babies but I also like sleep and evidently you can't have all three.

So I thought that maybe I should. . . . .z z z z z z z z z


Jennifer said…
Had a discussion about that topic with my daughter this morning. She dreamed she woke up to her alarm and got ready. :) I told her about similar dreams when I was a kid - including the dreaming you've gotten up and gone into the bathroom dream.
Jessica Bair said…
Gosh, I've had that happen a couple times. I think I was 15 the last time it happend. I even remember the dream. I had to use the toilet really bad and in my dream it was in a weird spot in the basement right out in the open. I sat down and let it go. AHHHH it felt sooo good...until I woke up a few seconds later and realized I was not on a toilet and was in bed. How aggravating. Sorry if that's TMI! After birthing 4 kids, nothing is embarrassing.

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