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Wait A Minute

Have you ever wondered about how much time you spend waiting? Has it ever concerned you that you might be spending half your life waiting?

I was thinking about this, worrying really, the other day as I sat there. . .waiting. How much time in my life have I used up doing this? How much of my life has been wasted?

Long distance car drives? That's got to be over 200 hours probably more like 300... so we'll go with 250

Plane trips? Hmm, if I take the amount of overseas and add it to the cross country flights I come out with approx. 100 hours of flight time.

Dental appointments? *cringe*If I've had one every six months my entire life at an hour an appointment (and I doubt they were that short) that's 58 hours add to that all the 'work' I've had done and you get another 10 hours probably. Ouch that's 70 hours in the dentist alone.

Doctor's appointments? I've had four children... that's 60 hours right there. Plus all those appointments with the kids, so we'll go for 150 all together.

That's 570 hours. Which is nearly an entire month. That's depressing!

What about when I had to wait for x-ray results or lab tests? Blood work?

How about in traffic? At the airport? In line for a drivers license renewal?

I have a pretty active imagination, so I can come up with things to think about during those time periods (like how much of my life is dwindling away by all of this), but what about those people with NO imagination? :) What do they do? Stare at walls, contemplate work?

I wonder if the guy next to me at the doctor's office was plotting murder while he waited.

Waiting drives me nuts. I don't mind going slow, having a nice calm existence, but please don't let me waste away doing absolutely nothing.

I'm going to start packing a book along with me or a magazine or a notebook. I've got to do something to stop myself from regretting all that wasted time. After all who wants to lay on their death bed and think... if I hadn't gone to the dentist that one time I would have had 5 more hours with you.


Cari Hislop said…
That was funny...I'm glad I'm not the only one who stares at other people while waiting (especially in the grocery store) and wondering what sort of people they are or what they're going to do. I love looking at what people are buying or how they stack their food on the belt and guessing their personality type.

But I don't really think of it as a wasted time...all these things shall give us experience...etc...
even the boring bits where we have to sit somewhere waiting to be tortured by the dentist. I think you have a short story there of you sitting in the doctor's office wondering if the man nearby was planning a murder...what if he was? You could write a short story...your perspective...his perspective...I'd read it!
cannwin said…
Ooh, very good idea. Hmm, I'll have to mull it over. It's near the end of the day and my literary juices aren't very active... I'm in more of regretful mommy mode (that's the mode where I wish I was asleep or vegging out in front of some screen but have to cook dinner instead) *sigh*


Give me a day or to to let that one simmer.

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