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Jaw Dropping

So I had this interesting thing happen to me recently.

Well, let me back up a little--I have a body that was put together with some string and a little spare glue. I am always having one issue or another. Ralexwin swears that we need to have a medical savings account just for my physical anomalies especially since everyone we know swears that the body starts to fail at 30.

Speed forward.

I was laying in bed one night feeding my little Remewin (so within the last two months) and I went to open my mouth.

It didn't open.

Well, it did a little but then it just stopped. I tried again with the same result. I closed my mouth moved my jaw around a little and made the attempt a third time. Nothing.

By now I was beginning to panic a just a bit. Why on Earth would my mouth not be opening!? It felt as if my jaw was locked in place.

*gasp* (I thought) it must be lock jaw. I knew it! I'm dying.

I moved my jaw around again and was rewarded with a loud POP. My mouth opened up. I breathed a sigh of relief and went about my late night happenings with a little more uncertainty than usual.

You might think that was the end of the story. It's not. Ever since then the string and glue that hold my jaw in place have been less than effective. I eat and my mouth makes this clicking noise and I can literally pop my jaw now.

What the heck happened!? And who do I go to--a doctor or a dentist? (And what are they going to do?)

Have you ever seen the children's book 'Parts.' It's about this little boy whose convinced he's falling apart. It's a very cute book... that reminds me of my body.

I'd like to meet the person in my genetic line that gave me each and everyone of these little nuisances and just say... thanks for nothin' pal. Then again I should be grateful I don't have any major issues like deafness or blindness--alright, alright I'll shut up now.


Ethan said…
It's called TMJ and I think you need to go see a Oral Surgeon. Mom, El and I all have it. Welcome to the family :).
cannwin said…
Nice one more family trait.

So what does the Oral Surgeon do?
Polly Blevins said…
My roommate had it too. She got it from chewing too much gum. They had to break her jaw and then wire it shut to reset it. I don't know if you would have to go that far, hers was pretty bad. I hope not for you.
Ivy said…
Sounds like it might me easier to live with a malfunctioning jaw. That's a funny (you know one of those funny cause it's not happening to me sort of funnies)family trait. Lucky family!
cannwin said…
yes we have lots of 'funny' family traits... it's very annoying.
cannwin said…
oh and thanks polly. I feel so much better now. ;)
Claire Wessel said…
I have the same intermittent jaw issue. According to the last doctor I asked about it, if it isn't causing a headache, it is most likely the result of teeth clenching at night in your sleep. If you have a headache with it or with turning your head sharply, it is more likely a TMJ problem.

I'm guessing you're more the stress case, tooth grinding, clenched jaw while sleeping type of person, like me :)
TerĂ©sa said…
Ya, it’s TMJ. I have it too. I saw this great guy in Ogden for it. I got it when I was in an accident and hit my jaw really bad. You should probably go to a TMJ doctor before you go to an oral surgeon. Not everyone has to be operated on. I had to wear a mouth peace, like a funky retainer at nights. If you don’t know a TMJ doctor ask your dentist. They should be able to recommend one. You should probably go soon, or you will start to get migraines too.

Good luck!

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