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I'm An Arizonian... I'll Tell You Why.

I was reading the NieNie Dialogues this morning and she had a link to an interview she had done in Arizona. So I clicked on it and to my surprise was immediately transported into a world I once knew. A world I once lived in.

I was startled by the sudden onslaught of emotions that took me. As the news report rolled on a wave of nostalgia washed over me and I grudgingly admitted a certain amount of longing for that arid desert landscape.

I listened as the reporter Lin Sue Cooney talked. Her voice reminded me of bright sunny mornings in our little condo. The kids snuggled up on the couch with me as we watched the news. It reminded me of driving down car packed streets under a boiling hot sun as the air conditioner chugged away in front of me.


It's the sort of place that seeps into your being and begins defining who you are. The sort of place that you leave with a sigh of relief and then spend the rest of your life half longing for.

So I kept clicking on all these news articles, chuckling to myself as they informed the citizens of Phoenix about the latest illegal-immigrant smuggling scheme, the latest weapons raid, the latest car accident.

Yep, that sounds about right. When we lived in Phoenix we had our car broken into twice, our motorcycle stolen three times. My friend and I were sideswiped in the middle of the road at 45 miles an hour. I was nearly run off the freeway once when I was pregnant with Vicbowin. I sat in traffic for HOURS. I drove 75mph in a 55mph zone every day lest I be run off the road.

I shopped at Fry's. I shopped at the Arizona Mills. I bumped into Mike Tyson once and didn't even realize it. I saw my movies at the Harkins and ate my ice cream at Cold Stone.

I saw plays at the Gammage and watched for the famous at the Kerry/Bush Presidential Debates.

I had rocks on my front lawn. I had stucco on my condo. I listened to "Let It Snow." in 80*F weather. I dealt with monsoons and dust storms. I sent my kids out to play when it cooled to 100*F and made them wear sweaters when it dropped to 60*F.

I enjoyed the Christmas lights at the Phoenix Zoo and the Mesa Temple.

I could never decide if I liked Sheriff Joe or not and I voted for Matt Salmon!

One of my favorite songs is "There is No Arizona" by Jamie O'Neal. It first came out when I lived there and I actually cherish that song.

I don't know if I'd ever live in Arizona again, but I can tell you... it's in my bones now and somedays I actually think I miss that Valley of the Sun.


The Paynes said…
I think I haven't been gone long enough to miss it like that, but it does bring back memories. I really miss Fry's and the Mesa Temple. And the ward being contained in a couple square miles! That was nice!
cannwin said…
lol, I miss Fry's too. It was a very nice place to do my grocery shopping. And I miss all the bookstores, and the play areas inside the malls... I miss malls!
Oh boy! your post brings out so many reactions for me! From WHAT?!? to oh yea! That IS nice. It's no secret how much I despise AZ...I am hoping to make the break out of hear one day and then maybe I will experience your longing. IDK...maybe not!! I long for my pine trees, REAL mountains, cooler weather, SNOW, family, small town life, HOME!!!! I enjoyed this post though. It got a reaction out of me...more than one for sure! Ü
cannwin said…
I always hated living there. You get to the point where you want to scream at the sun. And I love, love,love living in a small town, but I spent most of the little adult life I've had there. I miss it sometimes.
Fragrant Liar said…
Arizona girl, born and raised. Left for Texas, but always long for home where my sister and best friend lives, along with two brothers and all the family that goes with them. It's not the same though. Not by a long shot. Yet Arizona, and Phoenix in particular, will always be inside me, my foundation for life.

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