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Random Ramblings

Just some random thoughts for you to digest today.


I managed to get a shower in this morning. How very nice for me and as always happens when I have five minutes to myself I did a lot of thinking. Then I turned to grab the soap and saw this on the shower wall:

 That would be my hair creating a rather incredible image. So the nerd in me had to grab a picture.


And speaking of hair, the Remewin's hair is incredible. At 3 months old she's got so much of it that I get comments everywhere I go. I saw this blog devoted to hairstyles for little girls a few days ago and she had this cute style for when the girls hair was growing in on the sides and back. So I tried it on my little one and believe it or not she had enough!

Ralexwin took her in his arms after I was done and apologized profusely for the torture I was inflicting upon her, but I ignored him. Girls need to get used to these sorts of things.


Then I also cut the Vicbowin's hair. I couldn't handle it long anymore. See she's got this dreadful habit of sucking on her hair and it creates the most horrible rats. After one particularly dramatic morning I swore I'd cut it that afternoon... and I did.

She cried profusely and then the next morning announced that it was so much easier to do her hair!-- Ugh kids.


Speaking of kids.

The Mischievite said the funniest thing this morning... or rather we had a funny communication problem. He said, "Daddy, Daddy! Fy, fy."

Ralexwin thought he'd said fly and went to get the swatter. Vicbowin thought he'd said five because they had to leave in five minutes.

So I asked. "Were you saying fly or five, baby?"

He nodded. "Fy."


And finally today... I'd like to know what the point of Memorial Day is. If it is to remember those that have fought and died in wars, then what's Veterans Day for? And if it is so that we can remember those that have gone before us, then why do we need to set a day apart for that? Shouldn't we always be remembering them?

Tomorrow I think I will post some more photo letters for you. I haven't had any submissions from you guys... Did you forget?

Have a good day!


Amy said…
Ugh, Emma always sucked on her hair so I finally gave her a pixie to solve that problem. :-) My dh and I had the whole Memorial vs Veterans Day conversation and he decided that Memorial Day is for deceased veterans and Veterans Day is for the live ones.
cannwin said…
hmm. okay I guess I can see deceased veterans, that makes sense.

If I cut her hair into a pixie I doubt we'd be able to get her out of her room. She doesn't want to look like a 'boy.' so I just cut it to her chin and shaped it around her face so she couldn't pull any of it into her mouth.

It's annoying isn't it! And the hairs start looking so gross after a while.
Lisa said…
I did forget. Sorry.

And, your hair drew a woman's face very artistically. Neat.
cannwin said…
It's almost unbelievable but I promise that the only thing I did was make it look like it had a nose... everything else was natural. :)
I haven't forgotten. I just haven't seen any...I need to OPEN my eyes. Hair...ooooo...that is a sore spot in our house. Every morning much screaming is heard as I brush my 3 yo hair. Every morning I swear I'm going to shave her head. Every morning my husband threatens to divorce me if I do.


Who's complaining about the holidays?? More PAID time off? Thank you!

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