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Terrific Tuesday

Good morning all.

I am currently sitting here waiting for my new best friend the appliance repair man, to come over. I'm so excited to see him. -note sarcasm-

I can't find my broom. That's one of those odd comments I catch myself saying every once in a while.

--Don't wrap spaghetti around the dinosaurs neck.--
--Leaving the house naked is not okay.--
--Has anyone seen the broom?--

Who loses a broom!?

Evidently me.

I also got a call from Albowin's school today (already), so the Irish Twins have been attempting to walk to school for a few days now. The bus driver has to pick them up on the side of the road. ::shakes head::

Let me just lay out why this scenario doesn't work.

1) Our house is on the way to school. They would have to go past me to get there. So if they are afraid they are missing the bus, their logic is sadly flawed.

2) The two go to different schools. In our town K-1 go to one school and 2-5 go to another. The school they were headed to was hers.

3) If the goal is to make it to her school before the bus (so he can get on the bus there) they have a lot of faith in those little legs of theirs. It's 1/2 a mile away.

So the school called to tell me that they'd been doing this. Love it when they tell you those sorts of things.

I've decided that Danskin tennis-shoes are the most worthless purchase I have ever made. Vicbowin is on her second pair since the beginning of the school year and they are about to give up the ghost. I'm not buying another pair. I'll make her wear an extra pair of her brothers first. This is just getting to expensive.

What do you think my theme for December should be?
If your spouse told you of an intern opportunity in Alaska how would you feel about moving there for 4 months?
What is your favorite color? (mines green)

Have a good day everyone.


Claire Wessel said…
Dec. theme: random things/events that bring you joy or smiles (not from the kids though!!)

AK for 4 months:
Well, that would depend on if the intent was to settle in Alaska or if the experience would be given any credence from employers outside of Alaska. Then it would be a matter of "can we afford to uproot for four months". Lee harassed me our first winter here by telling me the temperature daily in Alaska (because it was warmer than SD!!) I suppose it would also concern me which four months were the months in question if I had school-aged children. I'm not the type to handle my kids alone, but lots of the ladies in SD lose the husbands for 3-5 months at a time for various internships etc for their husband's education so some people find that to be the easier solution. *sigh* I'm always up for an adventure though, so I'd probably do it :)

My favorite color is also green (especially hunter green and forest green)
cannwin said…

Yes! None of that yellow green puke looking stuff. Strictly into the rich vibrant greens with deep blues and blacks mixed in.

Hmm, a monthly theme not involving children. That would be a good writing exercise. Of course that wouldn't be a daily occurance, but some days. I'll have to think about that.

The internship would be this summer... if he could find one. We have friends up there and we LOVE Alaska in the Summer. It's absolutely magnificent. The type of summer that convinces you to move to the area. In fact most of the people we met were implants who'd come to visit and never left. lol.
Cannwin- My friend, maybe your friend too? Lindsy M. lived in alaska for a while and it is her HOME. Although she lives in Vegas now, she longs to return. Guess it got in her blood. WOuldn't that be crazy for you? You lived in PHX AND Alaska?! Cool!!

Green!!! All the way! That's one reason I am not fond of PHX.
cannwin said…
I think I saw that she lived there. When Ralexwin came home for his leave from Iraq we went up there for two weeks. It was G-R-E-A-T. We loved it and it's been on our short list for moving places ever since. It's the darkness that I'm hesitant about.

We'll have to wait and see.
Claire Wessel said…
What part of Alaska did you go to? I like the romantic notions of the Alaskan frontier but I never thought I could handle the weather. Of course, after SD, I feel like I could live anywhere and survive! What area would the internship be in? Or would it just be anywhere in Alaska that he could dig up at this point? If it's on your short list, then a summer there certainly would be a good way to give it a try. What would you do about your house here though? Rent it out? See, though practical $$ things freak me out! hahaha Always the first thing that comes to mind when I think about any kind of change (mine, and apparently other people's too!)
cannwin said…
We were in Homer when we went up... well and Anchorage and Seward. We kinda went all over, it was great but I think that you kinda need to go there in the winter. Our friends lived in Homer when we went up but have since moved to Anchorage. I LOVED Anchorage.

And as an interesting side note... there is a bit of a Russian influence in Alaska. I guess it makes sense since their so close to Russia, but you never really think of it.

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