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15 Books That Have Stuck With Me.

This was one of those Facebook tagging games... but I kinda liked the idea. So I stole it! (mwahahaha)

Simply list 15 books that have had a lasting impression in your life. ::cracks knuckles:: Easy peasy.

1. Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

2. Case of the Vanishing Boy by Alexander Key

3. Black Stallion

4. Exodus by Leon Uris

5. The Princess Bride

6. Dangerous Summer by Carolyn G. Hart

7. Boy Scouts to the Rescue

8. Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli

9. Profiles in Courage by JFK

10. A Gift From the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

11. Book of Mormon

12. The Great and the Terrible Series by Chris Stewart (I know... that's totally cheating)

13. West with the Night by Beryl Markham

14. Persuasion by Jane Austen

15. Petersburg by Emily Hanlon

Is that all? Can't I write more?


Claire Wessel said…
Feel free to write more! I've only read maybe two of those books! I'm always looking to add stuff to my list of stuff I should read when I get some free time and/or abandon the internet.
cannwin said…
which ones have you read and I'll tell you why you should read the others!
Claire Wessel said…
I've read the Book of Mormon and The Princess Bride :)
cannwin said…
Really!? Wow, you weren't kidding. lol

I love each and every one of these books.

I literally read Black Beauty and The Case of the Vanishing Boy until they were falling apart. I still have the copies though. They are all taped and glued together but I still have them.

I loved Black Beauty as a kid. It was probably the first book I ever really cared about.

Boy Scouts to the Rescue is insanely old. My mom and dad had these bookshelves that were full of old, old books (one of them was written by Governor Ford just before Joseph Smith was killed) and we weren't exactly allowed to touch them, but my mom would read us some of them and Boy Scouts to the Rescue was the first book I remember her reading us. I honestly don't know who it's by, but there are several 'Boy Scout' books by George Durston. Maybe that is who wrote it.

I could go on and on here.

Dangerous Summer was a favorite in Junior High and it took me quite awhile to track it down as an adult (although I don't have a copy ::sigh::) I actually had to write the woman I thought wrote it and ask her if it was her book. So I am on Carolyn G. Hart's personal mailing list now. lol.

Petersburg was excellent! I found that one at a library when I was in college then tracked down a copy of it... it has a LOT of sex in it though so Ralexwin wasn't happy about it being in the house... so I got rid of it. It's about Russia at the very beginnings of the revolution. And since I love Russian history I really soaked this one up.

Are you signed up for the book group? You should come to that. Maybe I'll have everybody come up with 15 books that have stayed with them. That would be fun.

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